Indulge in both Japanese and Korean favorites only at Katsu Kimchi by Culinary Adventures

If you ever find yourself at Mount Malarayat Golf and Country Club craving for some Asian favorites that have you drooling like there is no tomorrow, then do not fret, because Katsu Kimchi by Culinary Adventures Inc. is just right around the corner. Their selection of both Japanese and Korean yummies are luscious and exquisite, making sure that your dining experience with them could not be compared to any other.

Recently, they have been updating their menu so expect a lot of more delish dishes for you to enjoy. Wondering what these dishes may be? Well, don’t you go cray-cray on us because we got first dibs on a few of their latest additions and we are here to give you a sneak peek of it!

Their Skewers are a splendid plate to ease your way into this goodness that only Katsu Kimchi could offer. With it you could delight in Yakiton which is of Butabara and Yakitori which is of Tebasaki, and Grilled Wagyu. Truly, this start is already a taste of the superb dining experience that is of Katsu Kimchi.

Following that is another new dish and that is none other than their Katsu Kimchi Barbecue Set! This one includes Beef Short Ribs and Wagyu, alongside some homemade side dishes, namely Baechu Kimchi, Miyeok Muchim, fresh lettuce and sauces to make your grilling time even more flavorful than you have expected it to be!

Speaking of making things flavorful, another dish by Katsu Kimchi that will have your palate ravishing every mouthful is their well-loved Dwaegi Galbi (Php 595). This sumptuous dish is a serving of grilled and braised pork short ribs in spicy barbecue sauce together with rice, Baechu Kimchi, Miyeok Muchim, making you even fuller than you already are.

Hold up, though, because we are so not done with Katsu Kimchi! Other than a savory adventure, you could also enjoy a sweet time with them as they have some desserts that you could definitely love up. One of which is their Japanese Cheesecake that is a wonderful way to cap off this dining time with Katsu Kimchi. Soft, cheesy, and just has the right amount of sweetness to it – this one truly is a dream!

Katsu Kimchi by Culinary Adventures Inc. has so much more to impress you with. These dishes we have talked about are definitely just the tip of the iceberg, especially because as we have mentioned, they have been updating their menu lately.

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