Indulge in Gourmet Grubs from Meatropolis

Steaks? Chops? Sausages? Did we mention anything that caught your attention? If you liked any of those three, then hello to you from Meatropolis! Meatropolis is a food delivery service that is of gourmet meat. Beef, Lamb, Pork, Duck — name it and you can have it, because all these meat choices are part of their exquisite menu.

Their Beef Selction includes four delectable choices and these are USDA Choice Grade Steak (2 to 3 pcs/kg Php 1400), USDA Flat-Iron Steak (6 to 8 pcs/kg Php 999), Japanese Wagyu Cubes (80 to 84 cubes per pack Php 1600), and Metropolis Burger Patties (6 patties per pack • 165grams per patty Php 1400); while their Pork Selection has Spicy Hungarian Sausage (5 pieces per 500 grams Php 250) and Cheesy Hungarian Sausage (5 pieces per 500 grams Php 250).

Decided to go for a different meat kind of meat? You have got to see their Lamb Selection which is of Lamb Chops (6 to 8 pieces per kilogram • 1″ thick Php 1200) and Lamb Rack (1250 to 1500 grams per rack Php 1400), or their Duck wherein you can get their Duck Foie Gras (3 escalopes per pack • 100 grams Php 750) from.

Meatropolis is available for pick up, same day delivery, cash on delivery, advanced orders, and bulk orders. You can visit their Facebook and Instagram Pages for information. 

To order, you can give them a message or reach them at 09062779528 and 09053367962.

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