Indulge in the beauty of El Nido with Las Cabanas Beach Resort

After all the swimming, snorkeling, walking, trekking, and adventures on our two-day island hopping trip here in El Nido, we wanted to seek out a bit of serenity and peace which was generously and beautifully provided to us by Las Cabanas Beach Resort.

Las Cabanas Beach Resort is actually one of the oldest resorts here in El Nido, it is also easy to access as it is located only just a few minutes away from El Nido town proper, hence it being popular among tourists and travelers.

Featuring extensive botanical gardens, a wide beach with crystal-like waters, and a house reef, Las Cabanas Beach Resort is giving spotlight in providing a serene, gorgeous, and unsoiled environment together with superior dining as well as service.

Established since 2004, Las Cabanas Beach Resort features nine rooms on one hectare of landscaped property with no nearby neighbors. Boasting two beachfront cottages, four double beachfront rooms, two king beachfront rooms, and one 2-bedroom house. All rooms have a relaxing, beautiful view of the sea, except for the 2-bedroom house which has a gorgeous garden view instead.

Being able to spend two days here in Las Cabanas Beach Resort, we could say there are tons of activities to do as this place is good for relaxation, sun-bathing, and of course, swimming! They also have a zipline in which you can watch people get thrilled by it or be the one to be thrilled about it – either way, it is both fun!

On its beach, they have several resto-bars wherein you can order drinks and food from. That being said, we had our lunch by the sea. Las Cabanas Beach Resort happily set up a sunset lunch for two by the Nacpan Beach wherein we were able to feel the weight on our shoulders being lifted up.

After having our lunch, we got to stroll around the area and even got to take a short dip right after having a romantic dinner filled with sumptuous delicacies all prepared for us by Las Cabanas Beach Resort.

As we have woken up for the next day here at Las Cabanas Beach Resort, we were delighted to have some breakfast which we were able to munch on some wonderfully cooked longganisa and tocino alongside fresh fruits and brewed coffee which we truly appreciate.

Our short stay here in Las Cabanas Beach resort is truly unforgettable, even the little details of exceptional service will be remembered by us just like how we were assisted with our luggage upon our check out since it was a very long walk at the beach before reaching the Vanilla Beach which is a mall that is the drop off and pick-up location.

Also, we got to have new clean towels and new bottles of water on our second day here at Las Cabanas Beach resort – indeed a miniscule detail to notice, but a heartwarming one nonetheless.

From the Vanilla Beach, we were picked up by a van arranged by Las Cabanas Beach Resort and after four and a half hours later, we were already at Puerto Princesa City, looking for a stopover spot we could have some lunch in.

Indeed, Las Cabanas Beach Resort made everything extra special for us – from the moment we were welcomed to the moment we were picked up by the van they have arranged for us, they did not fail to wow us hence we are so grateful for them.

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Address: El Nido-Pancol Rd, El Nido, Palawan

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Hours of Operation: Always Open

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