Indulge in the sumptuous taste of international playground at C. Junction Lifestyle Park

C. Junction Lifestyle Park is the first of its kind in C. Raymundo, offering a comfy and casual dining experience with a variety of cuisines which makes it a lot easier for people who do not have the budget and especially the time to get on a plane and literally bring their palate to different countries in each and every continent there is in this world.

Promising you good food with good friends, making memories of good times, C. Junction Lifestyle Park is just waiting for you to take a breather from everything that is suffocating you so get a hold of yourself because you are about to have the time of your life as you get a taste and so much more of what C. junction Lifestyle Park has to offer!

With the week just ended, start this weekend with Roke Ramen which is flowing of delectably satisfying dishes from the dream country of many, the land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Slurp some ramen, chew some donburi, or grab some single orders if you want to be able to get to try more because you will surely be having that.

The Spicy Miso, the Gyoza, and the Oyakodon are all filling dishes of Roke Ramen that would bring great flavors to the taste buds which your palate will no doubt crave for more.

From Japan, travel to Mexico as La Loca Mexican Cantina brings you the feisty, flavorsome dishes that are great for sharing which makes the bond even tighter, may it be with you friends, family, or both, because this Mexican option in C. Junction Lifestyle Park will sure to make you go loca!

Order up the classics of Mexican cuisine such as the Taquitos, the Burrito, and the Taco and you will definitely enjoy the rollercoaster of taste and texture that are these wonderful dishes.

Following that is another food concept here at C. Junction Lifestyle Park that is of strong flavors which would bring enjoyment to every moment as Mazeh gives the spotlight to one of the best influences of the Middle Eastern Culture – and that is their food.

What you should really not miss out on are the Chicken Biryani, the Beef Shawarma, and the Chicken Shawarma which all are of tender, tasty meat that would make you keep biting until the last piece of each.

Next to that is Wingstagram which is of American cuisine and is just perfect for some quick delectable bites such as wings, fries, some pasta dishes, and drinks that would easily give you that relaxing vibe you have been chasing for all week long.

Deciding to going big, the Wingsta Chicken Wings is actually an order of their Wingstagram’s chicken wings which you can get either in 3 pieces, 6 pieces, 12 pieces, or 20 pieces. The flavors of chicken wings that are available are buffalo, parmesan, sweet and spicy, and of course, barbecue. Other than that, you can also grab a bite, a spoonful, and a forkful of their Wingsta Cheesy Lasagna, Wingsta Carbonara, and Wingsta Cordon Bleu.

And of course, being in the Philippines, it is just right to have some food concepts here at C. Junction Lifestyle Park that will truly make the Filipino palate delight in joy – all thanks to Ibayo Comfort Filipino by barrio fiesta and Dadding’s Kitchenette.

From Ibayo Comfort Filipino, the Ilocano Rice and the Crispy Pata will no doubt bring you to fun meal times with your family where everyone is just telling each other stories over some home-cooked meals that have always been made you and your family talk more and eat more at the same time.

While from Dadding’s Kitchenette, the Bacon BBQ, the Grilled Tuna, and the grilled Squid are just a few of the great-tasting, lip-smacking dishes that have that distinct smoky yet delicious taste which your palate might just consider a playground of goodness.

With a number of cuisines that are filled with awesome dishes just waiting to be eaten up, C. Junction Lifestyle Park has Pixel Stop which is offering different kinds of drinks for different kinds of drinkers – they have beverages from juices to alcohols such as Fresh lemonade, Blue Margarita, Mojito, and Mango Mojito.

This is just a peak into what C. Junction Lifestyle Park as they also have a band playing some splendid tunes that would help you ease into a more chill vibe than what you are actually aiming for, but that is not at all a bad thing because you deserve that Thank-God-It’s-Friday Friday of yours; or any day for that matter.

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Address: Narra, corner C. Raymundo Ave, Pasig, Kalakhang Maynila

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 4PM to 12 AM

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