Industrie Food Loft: More Than Your Regular Food Park

For a while, because of the food parks popping up here and there, anyone would really lost interest. Mainly because there’s really nothing to look forward to anymore. It’s the same setup, the same ambiance and nothing spectacular when it comes to food.


But hurray, we found another gem in the heart of Pasig City and it’s nothing like your regular food park.


Industrie Food Loft welcomes everyone who are craving for a delicious escape.


It is a 300 square meters indoor food loft located in the heart of the Ortigas Business District with 12 unique food concepts and a beverage bar. They take pride with the fact that each concept has its distinct look, tasteful offerings and affordable prices.

Such a feast for the senses, this is what they aimed for and we must say, they did accomplished their goal.  Each food concept was carefully chosen with taste, quality and uniqueness in mind.

Foodies have the option to dine in within the air-conditioned food loft or in one of the outdoor picnic tables.

So without a need for further introduction, here are the yummiest concepts and dishes of the Industrie Food Loft.


  1. The Broken Oven by  The Broken Oven Food Delivery
     Their crunchy signature pork belly is truly a delectable treat, and The Broken Oven takes it to a gourmet level. One bite of their PB+C sandwich is an explosion of textures and flavors, making it the ultimate go-to meal.

What to order? 


Chicken Iberico Melt – PHP 240

The Chicken Iberico Melt highlights all the delicious parts of a simple dish and elevates it to one of the proud specials of The Broken Oven. Imagine a mouthful of pulled roast chicken on top of cheesy chorizo rice and then torched for that added oomph.


PB+C Sandwich – PHP 220

The PB + C Sandwich is  an homage to the best-selling dish of The Broken Oven Food Delivery’s Slow Roasted  Pork  Belly.  It  is  a  savory  sandwich  that  is  sweet,  salty  and creamy.

Facebook Page: The Broken Oven Specials
Instagram Page: @thebrokenovenspecials


2. Hoka (Modern Japanese ) – Hoka’s menu of torched sushi is on fire. Every roll is freshly made upon order and torched in front you, including their filling and tasty rice bowls.

What to order? 

Spicy Shake Roll – PHP 295

Fresh salmon rolled in our own spicy mayo sauce and nori flakes topped with more salmon cubes mixed with tempura flakes to give that perfect crunch.

Volcano Maki – PHP 220

Crabstick rolled with cucumber and mangoes topped with shrimp and avocados mixed with our spicy mayo sauce.

Facebook Page: Hoka PH
Instagram Page:


3. Opster’s (Kansi and Negrense Breakfast) – Opster’s elevated classic Ilonggo breakfast dishes are simple, hearty and comforting. In the spotlight is their homey version of the kansi, a sour beef-based soup with batwan. Each meal transports you to a warm and welcoming Ilonggo home.

What to order? 


Kansi – PHP 265

A beef-based soup, with a sour flavor made by the batwan — a fruit reminiscent

of sampaloc or mangosteen. Kansi is boiled over a slow fire until the meat is tender, and soup reaches its maximum flavor. It is then topped with young jackfruit and chili pepper.

Chorizo Recado – PHP 165

A tasty and filling local breakfast staple of pork aged in vinegar and paprika, served with the classic garlic rice and egg.

Facebook Page: Opster’s
Instagram Page: @opsters_mnl


4. Loklok (Asian Street Food) – Dip and dive into LokLok’s playful variety of skewers. These tasty skewers range from fresh meats to seafood, which you can dip in boiling water and enjoy with generous amounts of rice cakes, red onion and cucumber on the side. Delectable choices from this hip streetfood haven are the grilled chicken and pork satay.

What to order? 


Lok Lok Platter –PHP 207

Our Lok Lok Platter offers a wide selection of various deep-fried or boiled food, such as meat, seafood, fish balls, quail eggs, and vegetables served on skewers with different sauces to choose from, such as garlic chili, Hoisin sauce, and curry laksa. Lok Lok allows you to experience the perfect blend of tender goodness in every bite and warm flavors of the sauce, all in a single plate.

Satay Platter – PHP 218

Satay Platter is a combination of grilled pork and chicken marinated in galangal, lemon grass, and other Asian spices to complement the rich flavor of the peanut satay sauce. The grilled meat skewers are served with home-made rice cakes, cucumber, and red onion to create that perfect balance of a succulent, sweet, and spicy dish.

Facebook Page: Lok Lok Asian Street Food
Instagram Page: @loklokasianstreetfood


5. Krates by Kopi Roti – A new wave of the Singaporean coffee classic has arrived. Krates is Kopi Roti’s third wave coffee concept. All-time favorites: kopi, kopi bun and kaya toast are part of a stellar line-up of drinks and snacks, including their newest additions, Krates Strawberry and Chocolate, Krates Redeye and coffee shakes. Known for having the best blend, their coffee beans are specially curated, perfect for coffee purists.

What to order? 


Krates Strawberry and Chocolate –PHP 165

Beat the heat and wind down with a medley of flavors – caramel milk, strawberry and chocolate – all in one iced coffee drink.


Krates Redeye – PHP 160

This refreshing take on coffee on the rocks marries silky espresso milk with

Krate’s coffee iced cubes for a cool and crunchy experience.

Facebook Page: Kratesby KopiRoti
Instagram Page: @kratesbykopiroti

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