Inflatable Island takes us to a child-like fun summer getaway and us as adults totally enjoyed it!

Sun is up, buns are out. Sunkissed skin. Sand in my toes. Hair being tossed by the light sea breeze. No doubt, summer is here big time! And everyone is just excited planning if not already preparing or better yet, going to their chosen summer getaway.

Everyone is just so pumped up in going to the beach and swim away from all their responsibilities, right? Just kidding. Swim the stress away is the better way to put it. Anyway, let’s stop the responsibility talk before we get into some things that might cause our drowning, okay?

Image by: The Viewing Deck

We actually started our summer early with classes still going on because we are bad asses like that! The Inflatable Island in Subic invited us in their shockingly big event that is the unveiling of the world’s biggest inflatable… the Unicornzilla.

Last year, the Inflatable Island have awe-struck people around this big blue marble as they introduced their first and originally designed inflatables which is no other than the Unicorn Island, and now they are back with better and by that they mean, bigger – much, much bigger surprises!

Image by: Klook

That being said, Inflatable Island has introduced to us another two all original design colossal creations of theirs which are the Vortex and the Unicornzilla.

The Vortex is their craziest inflatable yet as this one has certainly taken us on a wild ride as we got to spin and slide, got through a diving hole, got to slide and fly, and even got to cliff jump from ten meters above water! Truly, a crazy inflatable safe and fun contraption that has satisfied the adrenaline junkie in us!

Meanwhile, the Unicornzilla is such an awesome challenge that we would love to conquer over and over again as this one is an amazing climb onto the biggest unicorn in the entire world – standing not only tall, but humongous tall, at 15 meters – and the only way down is to take a slide on his rainbow tail that is gigantic!

However, the Unicornzilla is not only about climb and slide because that is just meh, you know? The Unicornzilla is totally freakishly huge that it even has a unicorn pool on its body that can hold up to 20 people!

Undeniably, these two just made the already jaw-dropping floating playground even more adventure-filled than it already is. Plus, being able to do and conquer the whole floating playground is such an achievement that deserves a medal on the wall.

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After all that exhausting, but totally fulfilling and absolutely fun more-than-just-a-ride ride of our lives, we got to rest on the lovely Sunflower Lounge as we get to meet new people and talk about anything under the sun while being literally being under the sun, with of course a shade – thanks to the yellow and pretty umbrellas of the said lounge.

Other than that, we also got to eat literally boatloads of food prepared by the Inflatable Island staff themselves. There were a ton of different food such as crabs, shrimps, squid, pork, rice, and so much more! No doubt, we loved the food freshly cooked for all of us.

Just a few reminders (that we could still remember from our trip) when you are in the Inflatable Island:

  1. Be sure to have your orientation first, so that you will know all of the dos and don’ts in the island.
  2. No outside food and drinks are allowed inside the Inflatable Island, so better leave all of it to the guard before entering to not cause any trouble or inconvenience.
  3. Always wear your life jackets when you are in the Floating Playground and make sure you are not wearing any type of jewelries.
  4. There actually is a dress code to be followed when you are to play, just so you could go about the Floating Playground comfortably and safely, such as rashguards, board shorts, and one piece swimsuits. You could also wear a two-piece swimsuit, but know that it is prone to wardrobe malfunction and we all know you don’t want flashing anybody with your kept treasures, right?

Well, that is all we could remember, but you could definitely check out Inflatable Island’s website for more details and information about them that we might have missed!

Just remember that we may be adults, but we will always have that child us within us that we truly should not lost our touch with. And so, with everything that has been said and done, this would not be impossible with Inflatable Playground themselves, so a huge thanks – as huge as their Unicornzilla – to those wonderful people!

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