Invite your family to Chives Bistro x Market!

Are you thinking of treating your family or friends to an eat out? Well, if you must know, Antipolo has a wonderful food scene that could host you guys! One of which is Chives Bistro x Market, a wonderful restaurant that would have you feeling homey and cozy with their rustic industrial setting that is adorned with faux plants which actually livens up the place even more.

Chives Bistro x Market
House Salad

Not only are they beautiful and perfect for families and loved ones catching up together, but also of course, their food is delicious, satisfying, and even great for sharing! Their House Salad (Php 195 | Php 360) is a splendid starter. Made with mixed greens, candied cashew, burnt cheese, green apple, crispy dilis, calamari, and drizzled with lemon vinaigrette, you will surely be amped up to have more.

Speaking of having more, their Signature Burger (Php 275) will definitely not disappoint you in that department! It is made with 100% pure beef patty, made flavorful and savory with their house barbecue sauce, and of course, made even more filling with brioche buns, alongside wasabi coleslaw and steak fries on the side.

Beef Salpicao

If that got you hooked on beef, then look no further, because they have tons of beef dishes up for grabs! Their Beef Stroganoff (Php 350) is a serving of beef tenderloin, shiitake, shimeiji, mozzarella, and red rice while their Beef Salpicao (Php 350 | Php 645) is a serving of beef tenderloin, garlic, shiitake, shimeiji, olive oil, red rice, smoked paprika, together with garlic chips. These two will undeniably be gratifying your cravings in just a mouthful! 

Pork Belly Crisp

Done with beef? Well, it is time for you to move onto some of their pork-starred dishes! They have Pork Belly Crisp (Php 310 | Php 595) which is a plate of bagnet-style pork belly, seasoned vinegar, pickled vegetables, and red rice; as well as Chives Signature Ribs (Php 350 | Php 650) which is a platter of drool-worthy barbecued ribs, burnt corn, wasabi coleslaw, house barbecue sauce, and red rice. Filling and tasty are two understatements to describe these dishes because we promise you, they are both more than that! 

Baked Pork Schnitzel

Another pork dish to watch out for though is none other than their Baked Pork Schnitzel (Php 310)! This is breaded pork chop drenched in spinach cream sauce and mozzarella so you will no doubt have a creamy and cheesy feast like no other! Plus, this also comes with red rice which will make the experience even more heavy on the belly. 

Grilled Salmon with Puttanesca

Of course, if you are more of a fish person, then Chives Bistro x Market has something for you to gush over as well! Their Grilled Salmon with Puttanesca (Php 380) is as heavenly as you are imagining it to be, maybe even more. This is a plate of luscious salmon steak, grilled asparagus, puttanesca, pesto, and red rice. Yummy, right? 

Frutti Di Mare

Last, but definitely not the least, don’t you dare miss out on their pastas too because just look at their Frutti Di Mare (Php 280 | Php 550)! This is a delicious serving of linguine pasta with shrimp, squid, clams, mussels, pomodoro, pesto, and parmesan. Believe us, you are going to love this up in a matter of minutes!

For refreshments, Chives Bistro x Market also has beverages that would make your dining experience with them even more enjoyable than it already is. Their Watermelon Cooler (Php 120 | Php 240) and Lemongrass Iced Tea (Php 120 | Php 180) are great for any of their dishes as these don’t only quench your thirst, but also reinvigorates you in every sip!

Chives Bistro x Market

Chives Bistro x Market is so excited to serve you! Know more about them and their dishes by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.

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