It’s always pasta time at Audrey’s Kitchen!

Next to rice, our fave carb is definitely pasta! We love how delightful it is to eat. We love how we feel so full and satisfied we are after eating it. We love how delicious they are. And we love how they come in so many forms!

Truly, our love for pasta goes beyond the Filipino style sweet spaghetti that we have grown up with. As we have grown and have tried a lot of pasta dishes along the way, we learned that people have different takes in pasta and many other food, really. The Filipino Style Spaghetti may be the one we grew up with, but it is not the only one that has made us swoon.

Want to know what are the others that made us swoon too? Well, it includes yummies from Audrey’s Kitchen which offers trays loaded with delicious pasta variants such as lasagna and baked macaroni.

Audrey’s Kitchen’s Cheesy Beef Lasagna is exactly what it is. This tray is layered with pasta, tasty ground beef, delicious sauce, and loads of cheese that would have you drooling with even just the sight of it. Indeed, this one is a heavy treat, but you better save space, because you have yet another dish to indulge in from Audrey’s Kitchen.

Ready for the next? Got any more room for another pasta dish? You better have saved space just like we told you to, because the next is none other than their Signature Baked Macaroni. This saucy, cheesy pasta dish is well-loved by many as this one is a must-try from Audrey’s Kitchen.

With that, if you are a lover of saucy and cheesy pasta dishes that your palate and belly would surely love and be happy about, then Audrey’s Kitchen is your friend. To check them out, feel free to visit their Facebook and Instagram Pages for more information.

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