It’s Crunch Time: Kranchiiee is here to make your food more flavorful

There is no denying that we go big on our spices and seasonings. That is because we do not only want to have a bit of flavor, but rather, we want our food to really be packed with it. We want that kick, punch, or whatever it is that would have us wanting for more, going for seconds, and even thinking about days after having it. That’s how we know the food really made an impact on us.

That being said, we sure keep our condiments and dips near our reach, because not only do we enjoy rich flavor on our food, but also, we do have a good time putting somehow a personal touch on our food; hence amping it up with more flavor is our go-to. Wondering what is one of our go-tos? It is none other than some Chili Garlic, yo! The thing about Chili Garlic is that it is of two things we love all mashed up together.

We get our Chili Garlic from Kranchiiee. Each jar is really just packed with flavor and we love every bit of it. Made with artisinal infused oil with crunchy garlic bits and of course, chilies, Kranchiiee’s products are also of a hundred percent fresh ingredients, no artificial colors, no added preservatives, so we are sure that what we are having are absolute rich-in-flavor freshness in a jar!

Currently, Kranchiiee has three yummy variants which are available in different sizes too. They have Kranchiiee Annatto Chili Garlic Oil in 150ML (Php 80), Kranchiiee Chili Garlic in 120ML (Php 120), and Kranchiiee Garlic in 120ML (Php 120) and in 200ML (Php 200). Truly, Kranchiiee has something for everyone, because not only spicy lovers, like us, would be delighted to have a Kranchiie product on our table since they also have something that has no chilies in it.

To know more, Kranchiiee is up on Facebook and Instagram. Do not think twice on sending them a message on either channels, too, if you have any concerns or queries.

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