It’s never too late to try out Sweets by Lou’s Leche Puto!

We have been sharing our food adventures with you for years, so we are quite sure that you have an inkling of what we actually like which includes sweets. We won’t be able to deny it nor hide it if we wanted to, because us liking sweets is so obvious. We have professed our love for desserts a long time ago, so there is really no reason for us to deny it.

Plus, sweets are something that lift our mood up. It brings a smile to our faces. It is a pick-me-upper for when we are drowning with worries and stress.

That being said, you bet we are so ecstatic when we found Sweets by Lou. Sweets by Lou offers homemade sweet Filipino delicacies that would remind you of, give you a taste of, and make you feel at home. They also claim to have the best Leche Puto in town and it is all for you to confirm.

As we have mentioned it already, Sweets by Lou has Leche Puto (12 pieces Php 135 | 20 pieces Php 220). This one is of yummy and creamy puto base, topped with silky and delicious leche flan.

Speaking of Leche Flan, Sweets by Lou also has that. Their Leche Flan (Php 100) is truly, what we can say, a taste of home. Their take on this classic Filipino dessert is silky, mouthwatering, and creamy that you definitely would not be able to resist.

Another irresistible treat by Sweets by Lou is none other than their well-known Egg Pie (Php 180). This one is a dessert that is loved by many as it has a creamy custard filling that has just the right sweetness to it, so even people who are not a fan of sweets are actually a fan of this.

Lastly, the newest addition to their already delectable line of yummies is their Dulceymada (Php 149). This one is a mishmash of two Pinoy favorites — dulce de leche and ensaymada — all rolled into one. Every bite is like a gift sent from the sky.

With all that, you could get hooked with more of Sweets by Lou by checking out their Facebook and Instagram Pages. You can also reach them at 09193981085 or 09566815776.

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