It’s not a good night when you don’t get to drink and dine at Twin Lakes Tagaytay’s Zabana Bar

It is not a bad thing to want a good time before hitting the sack, right? Especially when you are away from the toxicities of the city and is rather enjoying the gorgeous view and the rejuvenating feels Twin Lakes Hotel here in Tagaytay has to offer, don’t you relate?

And so, if ever you find yourself wandering around the vicinity with a thirst to quench and a bit of a hunger to satisfy, do not hesitate and grab a drink and some munchie at their lovely Zabana Bar! Offering you classic go-to alcoholics as well as original mixes, you could also chew on a few of their delights!

Adam’s Apple (Php 120)

Start where the world was said to have started, Adam’s Apple (Php 120). This tempting frozen red drink will have you sipping non-stop as it teases your taste buds with its sweetness that is a mix of The Bar Apple, watermelon, and simple syrup.

From having an apple, take a bit of a sour turn with their Cuba Libre (Php 120) that is of Zabana 8, lime juice, Coke, and lime wedge. This one is perfect for when you are totally in for a good time wherein going back is not an option.

Vodka Collins (Php 120)

Speaking of going back not being an option, another must try drink here at Twin Lakes Hotel Tagaytay’s Zabana Bar is the Vodka Collins (Php 120) which is a crowd fave and is of The Bar Vodka, Seven Up, and cherry. Such a simple concoction, but tastes deadly terrific.

Gimlet (Php 300)

Another colorful drink here that would pique your interest is the Gimlet (Php 300). Made with The Bar Gin Lime, lime juice, and lemon wheel, this one has people’s fingers wrapped around it downing it very minute of their cherished moments.

Brandy Mojito (Php 250)

Last, but definitely not the least, is the Brandy Mojito (Php 250) which is sure to give you that much anticipated punch, and maybe a bit of a kick, as this one is of Tres Cepas, lime juice, mint leaves, and lime wedge. Truly, one for the brave, this drink is.

Prawn Platter (Php 795)

Of course, getting a few drinks in your system will really have your inhibitions lowered, making you ready for a long night of fun and so much more, so don’t forget to also fuel up with some solids such as their Calamares Fritoz (Php 395) which is a new release, a part of their weekend buffet, and is of squid lumot breaded in colorful nachos, and their Prawn Platter (Php 795) which is a serving of six pieces of marinated prawns with smoked paprika, speed cooked to retain crunch, and comes with sriracha mayo.

For more munchies, go avail their Fish and Chips (Php 550) which is of thinly-sliced breaded fish with fries, alongside aioli and togarashi mayo, with lemon wedges on the side and their Tinapa Dynamite (Php 395) which is just downright delicious, especially this one is of a breaded goodness filled with tinapa, ground meat, and mozzarella for that cheesy adventure many love.

No doubt your hunt for a good time will end successfully with their Zabana Bar, so don’t you dare miss out on your next stay here at Twin Lakes Hotel Tagaytay!  

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