It’s not enough to experience being golden, you have to taste what is golden and that is what Golden Cowrie has for you!


Accompanied by a spectacular view of the seaside, Golden Cowrie is not only one of the more affordable restaurants you would find in S’ Maison, but also it is a premium brand of a notable Cebu Restaurant that is undeniably rooted deep not only in the heart of every Cebuano, but also in their culture.




Offering a modern dining experience that is reminiscent of more than just family get-togethers or celebrations where every family is highlighting their best dishes by bringing it with them, but also by sharing it with others, Golden Cowrie has gained loyal customers ever since it started.


With that, we first had a seasonal dish of theirs which is the Pomelo Salad (Php 280). Golden Cowrie promises refreshing and healthy greens as each salad is made with the simplest ingredients much like the Filipino cuisine – humble yet packed with great flavors.


Following that with another healthy dish which is one of their Veggie Entrees, the Adobong Talong (Php 165) is a serving of sliced eggplant that is cooked Adobo style, topped with garlic bits that surely added more flavor to this dish.


After having some vegetable dishes tease our taste buds of what is more to come, Golden Cowrie served us with Lechon Belly de Cebu which you can get either Lecon Belly de Cebu ¼ kg (Php 355) or Lechon Belly de Cebu 1kg (Php 975). Either way, you will be getting the best they could offer which is a really great dish.



This next dish is something that is usually on our table every time our family is celebrating a success, an event, or sometimes even just when we are having dinner, the Pinaupong Manok (Php 590) is something that is close to our hearts and probably to yours as well and Golden Cowrie’s version reminded us of fun times with our loved ones.


Having a galore of meat dishes, Golden Cowrie’s, same in every Filipino meal, are definitely the main characters, together with a famed sidekick which is no other than rice. One of which is their Crispy Pata which you can choose in regards to serving size depending on how many you are or depending on your hunger level – Crispy Pata – Chico (Php 525), Crispy Pata – Grande (Php 695) which is what we got and absolutely devoured, and Crispy Pata – Mas Grande (Php 780).



As Golden Cowrie is offering a lot of Filipino dishes ranging from veggies to meat, of course, they also have some Seafood Specials which is actually a bounty of the sea that goes straight to your table, prepared lovingly from their kitchen, just like their Zarsuela de Mariscos (Php 595) which is a mishmash of delicious, fresh seafood.


Of course, as people who enjoy having some soup, we really appreciated that Golden Cowrie has some Souperb Comfort offering as soup is actually a great Filipino tradition that evokes not only warm flavors, but also memories of home – such as their Pocherong Katag (Php 695).



For our thirst quencher, we had Golden Cowrie’s Agua Fresca (Php 319) which is served by the pitcher and has three variants – Pineapple Cucumber, Watermelon, and Green Mango Cucumber. This drink is no doubt rejuvenating as we are to take on our last dish which is a dessert.


Being Pinoy means not getting the last piece, that’s what others say; but then again, we have done the complete opposite of that saying as we definitely did not leave a single drop of Golden Cowrie’s served dessert which was their Ube Halaya Crisp ala Mode (Php 170). This one is irrefutably the perfect way to end this lip-smacking goodness of a meal!


We can’t deny that Pinoy dishes truly has a certain pull in our hearts and correct us if we are wrong, but that statement is like an unwritten fact already; especially most of us have grown to eating these dishes in every family gathering, sometimes even just for our lunch or dinner, or if there are leftovers from dinner, then we can have those as our breakfast the day after as well.

With Golden Cowrie, we were thrown back to the good days of happy memories and fun times with people close to our hearts. Certainly, Golden Cowrie has hit so close to where we feel – it hit our hearts, it hit home.

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