It’s time for Carmela’s Garden Cafe to bring you hearty and homey food you will love

Truly, we have been fans of Carmela’s from the start. We have watched and supported them through and through, so imagine our joy when they told us they have finally opened their very own garden cafe at the heart of Tagaytay. 

Carmela’s Garden Cafe
Carmela’s Garden Cafe
Carmela’s Garden Cafe

We have seen Carmela’s grow from the lovely online store offering delectable variants of Banana Bread to a well-loved all-in-one pasalubong store and now to a full blown relaxing garden cafe that they are. Indeed, seeing them grow and garner a more loyal customer base brings joy to our hearts because we know how much they deserve all these goodness and blessings they are currently receiving. 

Carmela’s Garden Cafe
Carmela’s Garden Cafe
Carmela’s Garden Cafe

That said, as we have been one of their loyal fans from the start, Carmela’s invited us to have a good time at their cafe called Carmela’s Garden Cafe. Truthfully speaking, we were filled with wonder when we arrived at their new space. With a gorgeous al fresco seating arrangement and adorned with lights that makes the night even more beautiful, Carmela’s Garden Cafe is a gorgeous and relaxing place to enjoy with loved ones or even with just yourself. Kids and kids at heart will also absolutely have the time of their lives here since Carmela’s Garden Cafe has a playing center right at the center. 

Family Favorites Pica-Pica: Lumpiang Ubod, Crab Stick Chips, and Mushroom Chicharon

Other than being a place to rest your tired bones in, Carmela’s Garden Cafe also is the place to be for when you want to satisfy your cravings for Filipino comfort food such as a few family Pica-Pica favorites. Their Mushroom Chicharon (Php 250), Crab Stick Chips (Php 275), and Lumpiang Ubod (Php 245) are a great way to start a munch-filled adventure. 

Pork Sisig
Crispy Pata Kare-Kare
Beef Tenderloin Salpicao
Carmela’s Bulalo
Pancit Tostado
Bagoong Rice

Follow those with a number of hearty mains like their Pork Sisig (Php 325) and Sinigang na Lechon Kawali (Php 345). If you are more of a beef person, then we suggest you get your hands on their Crispy Pata Kare-Kare (Php 825), Beef Tenderloin Salpicao (Php 425), and Carmela’s Bulalo (Php 675). All of these are extremely luscious, especially when paired with carbs like Pancit Tostado (Php 345) as well as Bagoong Rice (Php 295). 

Special Bibingka
Banana Cake Ala Mode

After having your fill on their savories, don’t you dare skip on their sweets too. Their Special Bibingka (Php 140) can be delighted in as a Classic or with cheese while if you want a delectable contrast of warm and cold, then their Banana Cake ala Mode (Php 140)  is the perfect choice. 

Tanglad Iced Tea
Fresh Calamansi Juice
Cucumber Lemon Shake
Mixed Fruits Shake

More onto perfect choices, Carmela’s Garden Cafe is also big on refreshments. They have teas, juices, fruit shakes, milkshakes, and of course, coffees too. From their teas, you can let their Tanglad Iced Tea (Glass Php 145 | 1 Liter Php 260) and Tarragon Tea (Glass Php 145 | 1 Liter Php 260) revitalize you. However, if you are more of a fruit fan, then their Fresh Calamansi Juice (Php 160), Cucumber Lemon Shake (Php 160), and Mixed Fruits Shake (Php 160) which is of banana, watermelon, and ripe mango will have you hooked in a sip! 

Chocnut Vanilla Milkshake
Cornflake Vanilla MilkShake

More than some enlivening drinks, a number of beverages by Carmela’s Garden Cafe can also be considered as a dessert or snack that will surely have you buzzing with sugar high. Their Chocnut Vanilla Milkshake (Php 185) as well as their Cornflake Vanilla Milkshake (Php 185) are just two decadent examples of that. 

Carmela’s Garden Cafe
Carmela’s Garden Cafe 

Certainly, Carmela’s doesn’t do anything with a half heart. In fact, they put all of their heart and soul to whatever their goal and vision are and they have obviously put a lot of that here at their newest venture, Carmela’s Garden Cafe. Know more about Carmela’s Garden Cafe by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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