It’s time for you to gratify your cravings with Crimson Express

We thought our day could not get any better until we stepped foot on Crimson Express! Believe it or not, Chinese cuisine has always been a favorite of ours. With all the dimsums and noodles and roastings, you bet we are going to call first dibs on all of those. 

Crimson Express

That said, we were estatic when one day we were walking along the streets of Poblacion and sighted Crimson Express. They claim to be the best choice for satisfying cravings, and soon you will find out why! 

Crimson Express

Crimson Express puts the spotlight on Hong Kong Style Roasting, but they certainly have a wide variance of delicious Chinese dishes too! They have rice toppings  dimsum, and noodles that won’t mess with your budget, plus they are great for when you are out for a quick lunch or a lovely dinner with your friends and family. They are, after all, a casual dining restaurant in the heart of Poblacion. 

Sharks Fin Dumplings
Siu Mai

Since we want to tease and make ourselves even more excited than we already are, we first grabbed two of Crimson Express’ Dimsums. Their Sharks Fin Dumplings (Php 150) and Siu Mai (Php 150) definitely hit the spot for us. Dimsums are so easy to love and you guys already know how much we actually enjoy having them so starting with these two was a really smart and delicious decision. 

Braised Beef with Tendon Noodles

We followed that one with a slurptastic bowl of Braised Beef with Tendon Noodles (Php 320). We totally took our time slurping the noodles and biting into each tender braised beef. Indeed, this one is a dish that is packed with flavor and warmth, which made us feel comforted like a big warm hug does to us. 

Tendon HK Claypot Rice
Black Bean Spareribs with Chicken Feet HK Claypot Rice

As we hands down enjoyed that, we then decided to have another go with a braised beef dish. Crimson Express’ Braised Beef with Tendon HK Claypot Rice (Php 350) is a feat we would gladly take on no matter how many times. This was absolutely a hearty and tasty dish that had our mouths watering the moment it was served on our table. Aside from that, another mouthwatering claypot rice dish by Crimson Express is their Black Bean Spareribs with Chicken Feet HK Claypot Rice (Php 320). This one was indeed filling and sumptuous as well. 

Roasting Combination Platter

We did not miss out on the opportunity to indulge in some roastings, of course. As we mentioned, Crimson Express is big on HK Style Roastings, and so we made sure to snatch their Roasting Combination Platter (Php 750). This one was loaded with roast duck, char siu, siu yuk, HK white chicken, and jelly fish with century egg. We are positive that this dish is already a feast on its own and we are elated to have had it! 

Diced Chicken and Salted Fish Fried Rice

As we got ourselves a whole roasting platter, we then decided to pair all those with Crimson Express’ Diced Chicken and Salted Fish Fried Rice (Php 220). Doing that made us even more delighted and full, and we are not at all complaining. In fact, we were even filled with joy as we got to baby our round full bellies after. 

Crimson Express really showed us how great and wide their selection is, and what we have eaten were not even the half of it. Truth be told, it was not even a quarter of it, but seriously, whatever you get from them, we are sure you are going to end up satisfied! 

Know more about Crimson Express and what else they have lined up just for you. Visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Website for more information.

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