It’s Time For You To Have Perfectly Imperfect Sweets

We are all for sweetness, but there’s a point where we find something too sweet, so good thing that Perfectly Imperfect Sweets got the right sweetness to fill our sweet tooth with! Indeed, their sweet treats are worth the wait as they make sure that every bit of what they produce is of top quality and is handled with utmost care.

With people craving and drooling for their products, it is not surprising that Perfectly Imperfect Sweets has continued to make some noise ever since they opened last year. People just can’t get enough of them, including us! Their Cream Puffs and Cakes are like made by angels – yes, we mean they are heavenly!

That said, let’s start with their Cream Puffs, shall we? Perfectly Imperfect Sweets is very much loved because of these delectable round goodies that actually come in a wide array of yummy flavors! For their Cream Puffs, we got their Classic (1 Dozen 300  | 2 Dozen Php 560), Cookies n’ Cream (1 Dozen 360  | 2 Dozen Php 680), Strawberry (1 Dozen 350  | 2 Dozen Php 660), Matcha (1 Dozen 350  | 2 Dozen Php 660), Coffee (1 Dozen 340  | 2 Dozen Php 640), and Chocolate (1 Dozen 330  | 2 Dozen Php 620)! Absolutely delish, we are telling you!

Their Cream Puffs are the perfect mishmash of biting into a delightful crunchy exterior and into a decadent soft and creamy interior! Totally addicting to the point that we did not even notice we finished one box in less than an hour!

From their Cream Puffs, we then found ourselves digging into another crowd favorite from Perfectly Imperfect Sweets – their Mini Strawberry Crepe Cake (5” Php 560)! The layers on this thing is just gorgeous, you have to believe us! Other than that, we loved how creamy and exquisite each spoonful of this is. Such a lovely treat for both kids and kids at heart.

Last but definitely not the least was Perfectly Imperfect Sweets’ Acrylic Mango Float ( 3.75” x 3.75” x 2.40” Php 320)! This boxed goodie is a fruity dessert that is both luscious and refreshing. We loved how its creaminess was balanced out by the freshness of the mangoes themselves making it a splendid tropical ender after a hearty savory meal.

Perfectly Imperfect Sweets really did us good with their Cream Puffs, Mini Strawberry Crepe Cake, and Acrylic Mango Cake! We can’t wait for you to try them too and maybe their other products as well because they surely have more than what we had.

To check out what Perfectly Imperfect Sweets has in store for you, then feel free to visit their Social Media Pages. Currently, you can catch them on both Facebook and Instagram wherein you can also place your order already.

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