It’s time stock up on Ample Frozen Seafood

It’s really no secret that our hearts beat for seafood too. We guess it comes with being nostalgic about good times in our childhood wherein we get to have lots of seafood when we are back in our provinces and catching up with our relatives. Indeed, moments like that warms our hearts and so seafood has always been kind of a big deal for us, especially now that we are living here in the Metro and there is no denying that seafood is pricey around here.

Salmon Belly

Another reason why seafood is a big deal for us is that with our busy schedules, sometimes it’s tough for us to squeeze in market day and look for a certain seafood and fish that we have been missing or craving for. All that being said and considered, we are glad we learned about Ample Frozen Seafood. They are a local business here in the Philippines and they are a distributor and a supplier of imported seafood. Impressive, right?

Ample Frozen Seafood’s selection is mostly consisted of fish such as Salmon Belly and Tuna Panga which are the ones we got from them, but they also do offer Squid Rings and Nobashi. As much as their selection is amazing, we were only craving for some delicious fish dishes recently, so we decided to just go for their Salmon Belly and Tuna Panga for now. 

Sinigang na Salmon Belly

Their Salmon Belly (Php 280 per kilogram) was just perfect as we made Sinigang na Salmon Belly out of it! We had this during a cold rainy night and every sip just really brought us that warmth and comfort that we love. Of course, the salmon belly itself really made this dish pop as it has that rich and delicious flavor notes that we just could not resist.

Grilled Tuna Panga

Meanwhile, for their Tuna Panga (Php 190 per kilogram), this one we turned into an absolute grilled feast! We had some friends and family over, grabbed a few bottles of refreshing drinks, and made sure that everyone will have a good time! Well, lo and behold, that good time was guaranteed right from the start because our Grilled Tuna Panga took all our breaths away. Its natural delicate and buttery flavor went really well with the savory marinade and tasty dip we also made. 

Ample Frozen Seafood really completed our days with the Salmon Belly and Tuna Panga that we got from them! If you are one to be craving for seafood and fish too, we suggest you head onto their Facebook and Instagram to find out what else you grab from them.

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