Jim’s Recipe finally came out with an Ube Sponge Cake!

Hold your horses, because Jim’s Recipe finally heard our pleas! Jim’s Recipe has continuously established itself as a premium sponge cake brand ever since they launched here in the Philippines years ago. Believe it or not, they actually started as a humble bakery in Malaysia that served quality sponge cakes alongside other tasty pastries. From then on, Jim’s Recipe started to gain a loyal customer base in its home country and the demand for their products continued to increase as well.

Ube Sponge Cake

Soon enough, Jim’s Recipe was opening branches in neighboring countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and as we all know, in the Philippines as well. With over 50 stores worldwide, Jim’s Recipe sees to it that each of their sponge cakes brings not only satisfaction, but happiness and comfort as well.


That said, Jim’s Recipe has finally come up with the Filipinos’ most requested flavor: Ube! There is no denying that most of us, if not all, are ube lovers so it’s really not surprising that a lot of customers of Jim’s Recipe have actually been telling them to come up with an Ube Sponge Cake. Just thinking about it, after all, has us drooling. The Sponge Cakes by Jim’s Recipe are just amazing, to tell you honestly. Its texture is soft and fluffy while its taste is delicious and it has just the right amount of sweetness so we can’t really blame everyone for wanting to experience the goodness of Jim’s Recipe in ube form!

Ube Sponge Cake

With that, finally, Jim’s Recipe, as we have mentioned, launched their newest flavor! Their Ube Original Sponge Cake (Php 210) is no doubt a dream come true for many of their customers. This one is as straightforward as an ube sponge cake can get and we are all for it!

However, if you also want to cheesify that since we know how ube and cheese are a great combination, then say hello to their Ube Cheese Sponge Cake (Php 285)! This has that classic ube touched with that delectable melted cheese goodness so you will be getting both in every mouthful. 

Ube Sponge Cake

Jim’s Recipe really went all out with their Ube Sponge Cakes and so you better not be missing out on these! Know more about Jim’s Recipe and how you could get your hands on these delicious Sponge Cakes by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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