Jollibee: Fry Days of the week!

Are you keeping up with the trend? or are you missing out? Perhaps it’s about time we keep you in the loop! Jollibee has been cooking new stuff this year and one of them is the latest Garlic Cheese Fries!


Made with 100% real potatoes fried to a golden crisp, the new Jolly Crispy Flavored Fries in Garlic and Cheese is the perfect combination of smooth and creamy cheese with a distinctly savory garlic kick in every bite which will surely leave you and the squad grab for more than just one.

IMG20170818152546We were given a chance to indulge in this flavorful adventure as we join our friends or barkada in a fun-induced activity that takes us all over the globe with just a single bite. As you know Jollibee has spread its wings across the globe and this crispy new flavor is a way to let their customers know that it is still the Jollibee that every Filipino grew to love.

IMG20170818152929During the event, there were some traveling books and post cards on the table that we could use for our own creative liking, including a huge Jollibee fries case, that contains tiny little fries that are all for us to eat! Could you imagine?

IMG20170818153110The fun part of it all, is that it sent us all back to our eager childhood when they initiated games that will challenge both our love for travel and knowledge. We were grouped into three and were asked to perform a simple cheer that would announce our team name! Totally something that’s in line with their motto, which is “Bida ng Saya” for it was fun to be a child at heart once in a while. The game was pretty simple, there were trivia questions asked and all we have to do was answer them to gain points. (unfortunately our team lost)


Either way, no matter the outcome, we still were able to enjoy the day and eat as many FLAVORED CRISPY FRIES as we want!

To have your own little set of fun, Visit the number one fast-food chain in the Philippines and their super fun and yummy Flavored Fries, that are available in Super Cheese as well as Garlic and Cheese *Regular (P40.00), Large (P65.00), or Extra Large (P80.00)*.


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