K-Tres Sinugba: Bacolod dishes in the heart of Quezon City.

Bacolod is famous for the  very colorful Masskara Festival and Chicken Inasal.  But little did we know that Bacolod has a lot more amazing dishes to offer.

We had the chance to get a taste of these dishes when we were invited by Kate of K-Tres Sinugba.  Kate is one of the owner of the restaurant and is managing it full-time.  She came up with the idea of putting up her own Bacolod themed resto because no other resto comes close to serving the authentic Bacolod style dishes.  Whenever she craves for Bacolod Style Chicken  or other Bacolod dishes, she would often have to head on to Bacolod to satisfy her cravings.  So she realized why not bring it here so more people can get a taste of it and appreciate it.

K-Tres Sinugba opened it’s doors last May 20, 2016.  They pride themselves into having ingredients that only came from Bacolod.  They came up with their Resto’s name by combining her name with her cousin – Thirdy whose a co-owner of the place. K for Kate and Tres  for Thirdy, thus K-Tres was born, and sinugba means ihawan in Tagalog term.

When you look at interiors of the place, you won’t fail to notice that it was designed as simple and yet as colorful as the Bacolod City is.  It gives you the vibe that you can easily chill, dine and drink while enjoying the company of your friends.

So after we were comfortably seated, the very first thing that we tried on their menu was their Chicken Inasal.


Their Inasal version is not dry, the chicken meat is very tender and the chicken skin is so crunchy. It also has the right amount of chicken oil and you can taste the flavor up to the very last part of the meat not only within it’s skin which is, as we all know, what normally happens to some other Chicken Inasal.  And the best thing about it for me is that it has that hint of sourness just the way I like it.

The second dish that we try is their Sizzling Bangus.

Their Sizzling Bangus  will surely sizzle your taste buds with it’s sweet and flavorsome taste, the right amount of garlic (which I like because I love garlic) and the creamy and tasty gravy.  One great thing about it as well is it’s not too oily which is what you will often expect on a sizzling dish.

Next up, we had the famous soup/stew of Bacolod which is the Kansi.


I must say that when you first look at the dish, you’d think how can Langka be a soup right?  But when you get to taste Kansi, you will suddenly realized that Langka is very essential in making this dish a hit.  Mainly because it neutralizes at the same time adds flavor to the soup while complementing the beef, which then results to a very appetizing dish called Kansi.

It was then followed by their Sizzling Bulalo Steak.


Basically, the buttery and creamy gravy topped with fried garlic and tender meat and mushrooms are the things that stands out on this dish.  I also love the mashed potato that came with it because it was perfected in a way that it has the right amount of saltiness, sweetness and softness that a mashed potato should have.

The last dish that we tried is what they call Sate Babe with Sate Rice.


I was indeed intrigued by the name but when you look at the dish, you would simply think of it as a Barbecue.  But I was wrong because it was way more than a barbecue when you get to taste it.

Paired with Sate Rice and a very sweet and flavorful sauce, this dish is amazingly one of their best tasting dish. You can even finish  the rice with just the sauce alone.  That’s how flavorful it is.  But I like the fact that the meat was so tender, you don’t really have to chew that much, you can easily swallow it within a few seconds time.  That’s how soft and tender the pork meat was.

My meal wouldn’t be complete without a dessert.  My sweet tooth can’t be taken for granted no matter what.  So I tried their leche flan.


Which is also surprisingly good.  The serving is also just enough to make me giddy because now my meal is indeed complete.

So if you want to try these appetizing dishes without flying yourself to Bacolod, head on to K-Tres Sinugba now.

K-Tres Sinugba

Address: Scout Borromeo Street Corner Scout Tuazon South Triangle, Quezon City
Contact Number: +63 9278419979
Store Hours: 11AM – 12 Midnight

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