Kakanin Series: Your now go-to series to binge on

There are a lot of desserts we could choose from as well as snack, but do you guys have any idea what we keep on having regardless of what the day is? It is none other than a local favorite – Kakanin. Kakanin has always been a part of our household ever since we were kids; may it be just another regular day or a special occasion. Kakanin is also big on fiestas as people really just love getting a piece again and again until there’s none left – or in Filipino culture: a piece left.

Anyway, as that is the case and we do miss having kakanin, it is a good thing that we stumbled upon Kakanin Series when we were doing our mindless scrolling on our phone. Their photos of delicious Kakanin got our mouths watering in no time and we just knew right there and then we need to have them right away!

Kakanin Series offers both Classic Biko and Purple Biko. We recommend you go for Classic Biko if you want to feel like you are a child again or you want to feel like having a feast; but if you also want something different yet familiar at the same time, then going for their Purple Biko is another great choice!

Both flavors also comes in a Tub and in a Bilao. For the Tub, they are offering a 250ML Tub (1 pax) for Php 60, a 500ML Tub (1 to 2 pax) for Php 110, and a 750ML Tub (2 to 4 pax) for Php 150. You can also add Php 30 for some real Ube Flavor.

Meanwhile, for when you want to go big, their Bilao offerings come in 12” (up to 7 pax) for Php 350, in 14” (up to 11 pax) for Php 550, and 18” (up to 20 pax or more) for Php 950. You can also add Php 100 for some real ube flavor, too.

They also have an offering of Mixed Classic for when you just can’t help yourself and you want both!

You can visit their Facebook and Instagram Pages for more details. You can also reach them via their mobile number which is 0920 981 8621.

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