Karabella Dairy x Destileria Limtuaco: Lick the summer heat away with these boozy gelatos!

Recently, we found ourselves sandwiched between two yummy goodies that we undeniably love having—a delicious dessert and a refreshing liqueur. Indeed, things have been going wild lately and we often catch ourselves not only wanting, but actually needing a break so being able to enjoy the collaborative creations of Karabella Dairy and Destileria Limtuaco was absolutely revitalizing!

Destileria Limtuaco x Karabella Dairy Gelato Event

From delectable fresh milk to award-winning gelato, Karabella Dairy  has all your dairy needs covered! With Karabella Dairy, you are sure to be getting real dairy products as they proudly use 100% fresh carabao milk plus the best natural ingredients, sourced from our very own local farmers here in the Philippines. This way, Karabella Dairy is able to nourish not only their consumers’ families but also the families of the farmers they serve.

Meanwhile, Destileria Limtuaco is the oldest distillery here in the Philippines and if you are curious how they used to make liqueurs, then you can visit Destileria Limtuaco Museum in Intramuros. Inside the museum, you will see a mini distillery, a collection of bottle products and personal items from the founders, a gift shop, and our favorite part: a bar filled of Destileria Limtuaco liqueurs. For more than a century, Destileria Limtuaco has been serving the people premium liqueurs that range from whisky, brandy, and rum, to herbal and sweet wine, and even medicinal wines. Truly, Destileria Limtuaco is a producer of world-class liqueurs.

Destileria Limtuaco x Karabella Dairy Gelato Event

All that being said, together, Karabella Dairy and Destileria Limtuaco bring us their latest creation—a delicious line of boozy carabao milk gelato that highlights the rich Filipino culture. If you want something that will give you your coffee fix for the day, their Amadeo Coffee Liqueur Gelato is the one for you, but if you are that kind of person that gets your boosting from chocolates, then don’t think twice about reaching for their Very Old Captain Artisan Crafted Dark Rum Gelato as well as their Intramuros Liqueur De Cacao Gelato. These three sure are luscious gelatos that you should not miss out on!

Obviously, these liqueur-infused gelato line of Karabella Dairy and Destileria Limtuaco is perfect for the summer, because nothing could beat the heat so good like a scoop of refreshing gelato! Speaking of the summer heat, there are actually two more liqueur-infused gelatos from this line and personally, we think these two are the perfect flavors to have on your next summer party!

Destileria Limtuaco x Karabella Dairy Gelato Event

Their Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur Gelato as well as their Manille Liqueur De Calamansi Gelato are definitely reinvigorating! We are telling you, each lick or spoonful of these gelatos will not only freshen you up, but also get you more excited as these two have that delectable fruity notes in them. They are just so yummy, really.

Karabella Dairy and Destileria Limtuaco certainly created a must-try and must-have gelato line with these five liqueur-infused gelatos! Find out more about each one by checking out Karabella Dairy’s Facebook, Instagram, and Website. If you also want to enjoy a few shots of good liqueur, then we suggest you visit Destileria Limtuaco Museum from Tuesday to Sunday or visit their Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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