Kawali ni Mamu opens their first outdoor dining in Tagaytay

We went on a road trip recently. We went to Batangas, then to Laguna, then to Tagaytay, and then finally, to Cavite. Yes, it was a long road trip and it is one we definitely needed so as to finally get a breather from our busy days. As much as we love the bustling city life that the Metro has to offer, it does get taxing from time to time. 

Good thing we finally were able to squeeze in some free time in our hectic schedule, and so that’s how we found ourselves in our car, driving around South. As one of our stops was Tagaytay, of course, we did not miss out on the opportunity to finally visit Kawali ni Mamu’s first physical branch. 

Kawali ni Mamu

If you guys remember Kawali ni Mamu—they are a cloud kitchen that started during the pandemic. People loved them for their paella and seafood offerings; and yes, we are one of those people! We actually got a taste of a few of their dishes before and if you are curious as to what those were, then you can read all about them here

Anyway, back to their first physical branch—we were so happy when we found out they finally got one! Kawali ni Mamu is now open for dine in as they have recently opened the doors of their first physical store in the heart of Tagaytay. With an al fresco seating wherein you will be enjoying the fresh Tagaytay breeze, Kawali ni Mamu is offering loads of Filipino classics alongside their crowd favorite dishes, plus delectable drinks on top of all that! 

Classic Dinuguan na Puro Laman
Classic Dinuguan na Puro Laman

You can start with their Classic Dinuguan na Puro Laman (Php 350) which honestly lives up to its name. This tasty serving of Dinuguan will not disappoint you when it comes to flavor and meatiness. We promise you, the meat ratio in this will not fall short!

Bagnet Kare Kare

After that, jump onto their Bagnet Kare Kare (Php 380) which has everything you’re looking for! This has that fresh, crunchy veggies, as well as that juicy and tender bagnet meat which has that delightful crispy skin as well. Other than that, you will also, of course, fall head over heels in love with this dish because of its rich peanut sauce that just ties the whole Kawali ni Mamu’s Bagnet Kare-Kare experience together! 

Classic Beef Bulalo

Since you are already in Tagaytay and Tagaytay is known for Bulalo, do know that you can also dig into that at Kawali ni Mamu. Their Classic Beef Bulalo (Php 595) will not only meet your expectation, but will even exceed them. Nothing could beat a warm, homey bowl of goodness when you are chilling in Tagaytay, after all. 

Seafood Feast Boodle

Earlier we have mentioned that one of the reasons that Kawali ni Mamu was loved by so many people during the pandemic is because of their seafood dishes, right? That said, make sure to get your hands on their Seafood Feast Boodle (Php 1650) which comes with 6 cups of rice and an iced tea pitcher, especially when you are with friends and family. Devour crabs, mussels, and shrimps in your choice of sauce—cajun sauce, salt and pepper, or salted egg. 

Kawali ni Mamu

Speaking of sharing with your loved ones, Kawali ni Mamu’s Margarita is the perfect pairing to that! You can have this in a Glass (Php 199) or you can also have even more fun with their Giant (Php 599) one! 

Undeniably, Kawali ni Mamu has our hearts from the start and they have once again established their spot when we got to try all this! Know more about Kawali ni Mamu by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.

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