KEBOMB: Absolutely the bomb food at amazingly bomb prices!

There’s a reason why people have traveled the world in search for spices in the olden days. Come on, let’s be frank here, we love a lil (or maybe even a lot, depends on your preference) spice and that’s what Persian cuisine is about. Not many restaurants serve Persian food and when they do, it is undeniably quite a bad hit on the budget.

However, here is something to get your hopes up into finally enjoying Persian food that is a total bang for your buck – KEBOMB! It truly is the bomb! They actually started at a food park called Community Food Park until they decided to close it down and open again as a full blown restaurant in Libis and hopefully soon in another location.

Off to a handsy start, better grab their Kebomb Burger (Php 79) which is a great prime-grilled beef patty with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, all stuffed between delicious and soft charcoal buns. This one is an easy fave of their loyal customers and we could say we totally get it, because its beef patty really is top-notch!

Keemadilla (8 slices Php 79)

Another bestseller that sure got a lot of folks hooked and munching is none other than their Keemadilla (8 slices Php 79). This one is a yummy plate of keema wrapped in pita bread with melted cheese, onion, and garlic sauce. And if you want more of that lip-smacking good keema of theirs, then better dig into their Keema / B.T.O. (Php 89) which is sautéed ground beef with loads of onions and tomatoes, dashed with their secret spices. Told you you will get a spice-filled time here with KEBOMB!

Beef & Chicken Kebomb (Php 125)

Moving on to their rice meals, KEBOMB has a bunch of dishes you could choose from like their Cheesy Shawarma Rice (Php 109) which is of turmeric rice topped with beef chucks, onions, and tomatoes, drizzled with cheese and garlic sauce; their Chicken Skewers (Php 99) which is of flame-grilled chicken skewers paired with turmeric rice, tomato, onion, and pepper skewer; and their Beef & Chicken Kebomb (Php 125) which is of their best-selling-grilled-to-perfection beef and chicken kebab that is a mixture of ground beef, ground chicken, pepper, onion, tomato, and garlic.

If you think their servings are already big, then think again because they even have some platter offerings great for big groups. Their Shawarma Rice Platter (Plain Php 445 | With cheese Php 495), their Keemadilla Platter (Php 395), and their Mixed Kebab Platter (Php 575) are all fantastic choices to devour with friends and family!

Lastly, when you need to be quick and can’t really take time off from your busy schedule, then snatch yourself a Shawarma Wrap of theirs. Drizzle it with their homemade garlic sauce as well as chili sauce for extra flavor and kick. They also got Hummus (Php 45) which is homemade and can be paired with any of their other delicacies!

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Address: Bagumbayan, Quezon City, 1800 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0906 243 7651

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 10AM to 2AM; Saturday and Sunday 11AM to 8:30PM

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