Keep Calm and Curry On: Get first dibs on these new 4 Curry dishes by Ukokkei Japan Ramen

We have been to Ukokkei Japan ramen many times already and that is because we just love each and every dish they are offering Our favourite is none other their ramen offerings, specifically their spicy one, the Aka ramen! We jsut absolutely adore some spice because we love bringing color and adventure into our palate.

That being, as we sure love that extra flavour, we just can’t help it but celebrate with you guys these delectable new offerings of Ukokkei japan Ramen – Curry! They have not only one, not even two, nor three, but rather four falvorful variants of curry plate that would satisfy your curry-filled cravings!

1. Curry Rice

First up is this straightforward, delicious variant – their Curry Rice! This hefty plate of yumminess is loaded with a generous serving of newly-cooked plain rice, beside a salivating serving of their delicious curry. No doubt, a classic that is hard to beat.

2. Katsu Curry

Now, this Katsu Curry of Ukokkei Japan ramen is actually a part of their old offerings already, but they have improved into a more palatable one! This meaty curry dish is something meat lovers would really be glad digging into.

3. Omu Curry

Meanwhile, this plate will sure eggcite you and your crack-up friends, because this is a plate of rice surrounded by tasty curry, and topped with our ever-trusted tasty nomnom, scrambled egg! Indeed, something to fill you, not just tease you.

4. Hamburg Curry

Lastly, this variant of Ukokkei jaoan Ramen’s curry delicacy is something for the champs! This one is also a fave of ours as this is aserving of rice alongside some real curry gopodness, topped with thick and juicy burger patty! 

These dishes of Ukokkei Japan Ramen are surely currying some flavour that would give you that much-loved punch of spicy tones in your palate, while providing your appetite that big food mood that is always your mood!

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Featured Branch: Ukokkei Japan Ramen – Maginhawa

Address: 54 Maginhawa, Cor Mahusay, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 983 2800

Hours of Operation: 11AM to 11PM

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