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As someone who is just starting out in life, I admit I just try my best not to be eaten alive and so here I am eating whatever I can instead. Just kidding! You want some real talk? Here ya go: When I was a kid, I was always excited to be an adult, but now I’m like: “Hi there! I just finished my free trial of, uhh, adulthood, and I just want to say I’m no longer interested so I want to cancel my subscription instead. Is there a manager I can speak to?”.

But then again, let’s face it, that’s not how life works. We got to brave our way into the unknown and when we get tired, we just need to pause a little and take a breather. What’s the best breather? Food; because first we eat, then we do everything else…


And yes, fine, you got me; I don’t just see food as it is – something I take to maintain life and growth. I see food as something that comforts me in times of distress, but I didn’t know food can offer a whole new different level of comfort. Family Favorites Kitchen doesn’t only offer comfort food as it offers comfort food that hugs you and warms you all over.


The business started as a bakery in California and then the owners brought it here in the Philippines with the thought of offering more to the market; and so now they don’t just offer pastries as their menu is also packed from pastas, coffee and smoothies, to all-day breakfast dishes. I mean, let’s admit it, who doesn’t want to have breakfast all day, right? Plus, take note of this: Their menu is actually the partners’ favorites and they’re planning to add even more so try to sit back, relax, and watch out for that!


Is your mind giving you a hard time? Can’t help but wonder about so many things in life right now? Do you feel like your head is in a swirl? Don’t worry; what you need is Family Favorites Kitchen’s Longganisa Aglio e Olio (Php 180). Twirl it around your fork, however you like it. I just want you to know that this one will surely get your mind at rest as it is packed with just the right flavor of saltiness and sweetness, topped with bits of longganisa and lots of garlic. And did I mention that their longganisa is the one that you won’t only love but will love you as well? The reason being it’s made from home grown ingredients with no preservatives of any kind so you need not to worry because it is healthy for your body.


Getting bored with your routine that is waking up and wanting to just sleep again? Looking for something thrilling and new? You have to try out their Francesinha Sandwich (Php 220) which you can definitely share, but I doubt you will! No doubt, this one is a feast for meat lovers as this Portuguese inspired burger is made with sausage, ham, beef belly, Fontina cheese, egg, and to have it a Filipino touch, longganisa is also added, to what I like to call the meat party. This burger is enveloped with beer gravy which definitely livens up the party even more.


Got some feelings you’ve been bottling up? Order the Daingsilog (Php 150) so you can chew on your feelings like you would chew on rice, garlic fried rice, for that matter. Crispy daing na bangus paired with two sunny side up eggs served with garlic fried rice is the perfect Filipino breakfast meal that will not only satisfy your appetite, but will also awaken your taste buds as you take on another day in your life.


Need a pick me up on your lazy afternoon? Reminisce on your fun childhood and look forward with your future with their Strawberry Smoothie (Php 100), a delightful blend of strawberry and milk with the right level of sweetness and tartness that will absolutely go with a hearty meal or even with more sweets.


Remember, we may be having a bumpy ride right now, but we should always keep our dreams alive, so here are some of Family Favorites Kitchen’s dreamy cupcakes. First on our list is the Choco Nutella Cupcake (Php 50). It’s the mini version of their bestseller Nutella Cake that is almost always sold out. Have I told you I cried because I lost a huge jar of Nutella to my cousin? Well, yes, there you go, I really did, and so having to get a bite of this cupcake was like heaven to me.


Next on our Cupcake list is the Red Velvet Cupcake (Php 50). If I could just go all red hearts on this cupcake I would! The frosting on top is surely the frosting on top, if you get what I mean. The cupcake as a whole is not just an eye candy, but is no doubt big in flavor as well.


Last, but not the least on our Cupcake list is their Carrot Cupcake (Php 50). Don’t be fooled with this one as it’s not only filled with Vitamin A, as this one doesn’t have just one surprise inside, but rather two: raisins and walnuts! I’ve always liked cupcakes because their basically cakes in a smaller size, and so I like my cupcakes not only pleasing to the eyes, but moist in the inside and tasty as well – which Family Favorites Kitchen’s cupcakes certainly are all of those!


Still feeling a bit down? Take it easy, there’s more of that uplifting dessert coming as love comes in many forms: shredded, sliced, melted. Got a hunch of what I’m talking about? That’s right, cheese! In this case, it’s 4-Cheese Ensaymada (Php 95)! It is as soft and light as air with just the perfect amount of saltiness and sweetness, loaded with four luxurious variants of cheese which are Mozzarella, Gruyere, Fontina, and Cheddar. They actually have an ongoing promo called Delightful Duo (Php 150) wherein you can get their house blend coffee with a pastry of your choice, can be a carrot loaf slice, a banana bread slice, or the 4-cheese ensaymada.


A little stressed up to this moment? I have the perfect solution for you because stressed spelled backwards is desserts and that’s what I’m going to share with you. Fudge Brownie (Php 160) by Family Favorites Kitchen might as well be my favorite, too, because it’s absolutely my kind of brownie – moist, chewy, and so chocolatey!

With all this being said, I hope we don’t let ourselves get lost in the process of finding what we think is right or what we think the best is for ourselves or even just finding ourselves. But if ever, you’re feeling like you’ve beaten by life and you want a little push or a warm giant hug, Family Favorites Kitchen certainly got your back as it gives off a refreshing, crisp, and clean vibe with hues of brown and white, that would help calm you, together with orange chairs that definitely adds a splash of color and a fun aura.

Get your mojo back and be in the moment with Family Favorites Kitchen at 123 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong, 1554 Metro Manila.

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