Kenji Takoyaki will have you going round after round after round

We were just having our typical rush day and we just wanted something to maybe slow it down a bit, and we thought of the perfect activity to do just that: eating. Specifically, eating takoyakis; and so there we were looking for some sumptuous takoyakis that would have us drooling with just the sight of it — and we definitely have found it!

We have four words for you: Ta. Ko. Ya. Ki. Just kidding! That’s really just one word with four syllables: Takoyaki.

Oh, how we enjoy some good and filling Takoyaki! If you are like us and you are a fan of these yummy round treats, too, then boy, are you in for a delicious ride, because Kenji Takoyaki made sure you are going to delight in their Takoyakis as much as we did!

Wondering what exactly did we have from them? Well, we got two sumptuous offerings of theirs and we have nothing else to say, but praises.

Their Premium Takoyaki is a promise of takoyaki that has more fillings and toppings and that promise surely has been kept. Comes as a generous serving of tako balls, tako sauce, mayonnaise, brown bonito, and nori, these Premium Takoyaki by Kenji Takoyaki is satisfying in more ways that one. Your palate will have a party, your other senses will definitely feast on it, and of course, your belly will be full and round too — much like takoyakis.

Aside from their Premium Takoyaki, another Kenji Takoyaki product that will sure make your tummy is happy is none other than their Cheese Overload! From its name, you will no doubt be getting loads of cheesy goodness from each bite and if you are a lover of cheese, then this one might just be your type of heaven.

With tako balls, cheese sauce, mayonnaise, porkfloss, more cheese sauce, more mayonnaise, and green nori, Kenji Takoyaki’s Cheese Overload is absolutely a dream come true for all cheese patrons. You just won’t be able to resist this wonderful and cheesetastic goodie even if you pretend you can’t see them.

That being said, just don’t resist giving into your cravings anymore, because that sure would be torture for you; and we don’t want you doing that to yourself. Give into your cravings and just reward yourself with all the tako goodness from Kenji Takoyaki!

Check more of what they have up for grabs and visit them on their Facebook and Instagram Pages. If you have questions or you are to order, you can send them a DM on their Instagram or this Facebook Profile for faster communication.

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