KFC’s Chicken + Pizza Food Hybrid is back!

If the question “chicken or pizza?” has been filling your mind for quite sometime now, then you can absolutely rest your mind now, because KFC has brought back two of their chicken + pizza combo goodies! Launched 5 years ago, their line of chicken crusted pizza is now back on their menu!

Photo by KFC Philippines

KFC’s Chizza has given people the best of worlds as two classic comfort food can be enjoyed in just one bite! If you are not familiar of this heaven sent goodie, then know that this no-crust pizza replaces the pizza dough with crunchy fried chicken fillet and lotsa pizza toppings — moreso now than its first launch! Topped with pizza sauce, melted mozzarella cheese, pineapple tidbits, diced bell peppers, and chicken pepperoni, the Chizza can be enjoyed as it is for only P145; or when you want a fuller feel, then you can opt for the Chizza Combo (P199) or the Chizza Fully Loaded Meal (P299)!

Photo by KFC Philippines

Other than the Chizza, KFC’s Pizza Twister is making a comeback, too. This chicken-pizza food hybrid is of a tortilla bread wrap filled with KFC’s signature Fun Shots, chicken pepperoni, pizza, sauce, and quick-melt cheese. This delectable KFC offering is also up for grabs as an ala carte (P106), combo (P156), and of course, Fully Loaded Meal (P210).

These two returning drool-worthy KFC faves are definitely signs to just order in today, but do check first which KFC stores are available for online delivery, takeout, online pickup, and drive-thru transactions. You can refer to KFC’s guide to store hours dor that. Also, it is available on GrabFood and Foodpanda, so go open those food delivery apps now.

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This article first appeared on Yummy.ph. The Editor of What To Eat PH just made some minor edits.

*Featured Photo by KFC Philippines

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