KFC’s Iconic Double Down is back in town and you sure should not be the last one to gobble it down!

Remember 2010? Remember when everything was much less complicated? When you wake up early in the morning with sand in your innocent, hopeful eyes and your food is already on the table? When you were gushing about this newly launched app called Instagram and the word gram doesn’t actually have any other meaning but a metric unit?

With tons of #10YearChallenge going viral all over your trusty ole pal, the internet, surely you have got some memories you cannot help but reminisce about. That being said, be sure you are sitting on something stable and that your heart rate is stable because KFC’s iconic Double Down is now back in town once again ever since its first local launch back in 2010, followed by different variants of it, such as the Double Down Dog and what can be considered a healthier Double Down!

KFC Doubledown photo
Photo taken from KFC

KFC has been known and loved by many generations not only because of its Original Recipe chicken that is freshly made throughout the day by a certified cook, no doubt, seasoned with the Colonel’s same secret 11 herbs and spices that has many people calling it their favorite, but also because of their mouth-watering, drool-worthy crazy seasonal and special tasty items just like their Double Down!

This crazy-popular iconic dish of KFC that is the Double Down boasts two strips of yummy bacon, two slices of monterey jack and pepperjack cheese, and of course their trademark Colonel’s Sauce, all sandwiched between two thick boneless original chicken recipe fillets rather than two bread buns, that has everybody running to the nearest KFC store in their location!

KFC’s Double Down has Pinoys going loco, some even ordering and eating it with rice, which we are not judging because we absolutely understand as who will be able to resist this delicious monstrosity of a yummy not-so-sandwich sandwich, right?!

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