Kimono Ken is bringing the colorful cuisine of Japan near you and all you have to and will do is drop by, sit, and happily eat!

There is no denying that Japan is such a wowza country. No wonder many people dub it as their dream destination for their vacation. With rich culture and tradition that are still being recognized until now, the Land of the Rising Sun has no doubt very close to their roots up to this day.

Not only is Japan rich in culture and tradition, as their cuisine is no doubt as colorful as their story is as well. That being said, Kimono Ken is bringing that colorful cuisine of Japan into the Philippines with a load of tasty dishes that is a comfort food of many.

Experience the full meaning of Japanese cuisine at a friendly budget by starting with Kimono Ken Salad (Php 350) which is a hefty serving of ebi fry, sakana fry, tomato corn, and cucumber with mixed lettuce.

Follow that with a delectable platter of goodness. Kimono Ken’s Sashimi Moriawase (Php 440) is of course a sashimi sampler plate filled with tamago, tuna, salmon, crab stick, sea urchin, and squid. Truly, a fresh kickstart!

If having a platter of seafood yumminess has got you craving for more, better have a fill of Mount Fuji Roll (Php 270). This one is a serving of delectable rolls of spicy tuna and spicy salmon that any spice lover will adore.

From seafood, jump onto some chicken fill with Kimono Ken’s Chicken Teriyaki (Php 240). This dish is a blend of sweet and savory – all thanks to the chicken thigh with teriyaki sauce!

Moving into more satisfying and delicious Japanese dishes, the Gyudon (Php 290) is such a meaty heaven in a bowl. Thinly sliced beef with vegetables in donburi sauce? Well, yes, please!

And of course, this Japanese cuisine exploration with Kimono Ken would not be complete without some oh-so-sumptuous noodles dishes such as their Yaki-Soba (Php 230) which is a lovely order of sautéed noodles with porkloin and vegetable; and their Gomoku Ramen (Php 330) which is a hearty bowl of salt based soup with mixed seafood, chicken, and vegetables.

Both promising not only some slurp fun that would turn hangry tummies into happy ones, but also a tasty dining experience that is just downright drool-worthy in every mouthful. No wonder these two are a crowd favorite!

With all those filling and scrumptious Japanese dishes by Kimono Ken, a great drink pairing for any of it that is also perfect for the summer is Kimono Ken’s Special (Php 80) which is a refreshing glass of specially blended fresh mixed fruit juices.

Other than that, of course, another drink that you would totally delight in in every sip is their Iced Tea (Php 60) that is just revitalizing – a great cool drink against this summer’s blazing heat!

But wait, hold up! Another awesome way to beat the heat this summer is by having a few of Kimono Ken’s desserts! Their Coffee Jelly (Php 120) which is of brewed coffee jelly topped with ice cream is as lip-smacking good as their Green Tea Jelly (Php 150) which is another dessert of theirs that is of tasty green tea jelly topped with green tea ice cream!

Kimono Ken has so much to offer to their diners. Their menu is overloaded with flavorful dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun. Plus, with a wide space and an al fresco seating option, alongside interiors that are of simplicity and elegance, diners will really have an enjoyable and at the same time soothing dining experience with them.

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Featured Branch: Kimono Ken MET Live

Address: 24 Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, Pasay, Metro Manila, MET LIVE Mall

Contact Number: (02) 779 8685

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 10AM to 10PM

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