Kitchen by CBTL: Everyone’s New Favorite Resto

We have always loved The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. We mean, who would not, right?

The Kitchen by CBTL

With a selection of relaxing and revitalizing coffees and teas alongside freshly baked breads and pastries, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf surely can make anyone stay in their comforting space more than one intends to. Although, other than breads and pastries, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf actually has a few pasta options that people love, including us, and so when we heard about them offering more food choices, we were definitely excited and looking forward to trying them out.

The Kitchen by CBTL

As Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has been known for being a cafe, and yet people can’t stop enjoying their delicacies with their drinks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has finally come up with exactly what the people want… and more! The Kitchen by CBTL is a casual dining restaurant ready to gratify more than everyone’s cravings. They still have the same drink menu plus bread and pastries, but with The Kitchen by CBTL, people will get so much more food options like breakfast plates, savory mains, and delectable desserts.

Beef Tapa
Beef Tapa
Longganisa & Eggs

The breakfast selection of The Kitchen by CBTL has a few Filipino faves on it such as Beef Tapa (Php 475) which is a plate of certified Angus beef tapa with garlic rice, baked pesto tomato, atchara jelly, chili balsamic reductions, and sunny side up egg; as well as Longganisa & Eggs (Php 435) which is a serving of longganisa with garlic rice, served with sunny side up egg, baked tomato, and atchara jelly. Surely, filling plates of wake-uppers that could make anyone’s day in a mouthful!

Spinach Dip
California Cobb

Of course, The Kitchen by CBTL also has starters and salads up for grabs! Their Spinach Dip (Php 275) is a bestselling appetizer that is a platter of house french fries, served with 3 kinds of dip, namely truffle aioli, pesto, and honey mustard; while their California Cobb (Php 395) is a refreshing salad made up of romaine lettuce topped with grilled chicken breast, eggs, corn, tomatoes, mozzarella, and avocado, all tossed in homemade ranch dressing. Absolutely delish plates of home cooked goodness that can be followed by more deliciousness.

Speaking of other delicious dishes to go for at The Kitchen by CBTL, their sandwiches and pizzas are certainly handsy delicacies that would have anyone munching non-stop. Their CBTL Burger (Php 455) is a ½ lb. smashed Angus burger patties with cheddar cheese and caramelized onions, served with a side of fries; while their Prosciutto (Php 595) is a scrumptious thin crust pizza topped with flavorful prosciutto, arugula, and tomatoes, with mozzarella! 

Anyone will surely have a great time here at The Kitchen by CBTL, especially when they got their table wonderful enders that would sweeten up their day. Their Tostones with Vanilla Ice Cream (Php 195) is a plate of double fried sliced bananas drizzled with caramel sauce, alongside delectable vanilla ice cream; while their Affogato (Php 195) is vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso. Certainly, these two desserts will have anyone buzzing with energy in no time.

Ice Blended and Hot Drinks
Double Chocolate

As we have mentioned, The Kitchen by CBTL is also home to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s number of lovely drinks that could go well with all the luscious plates we just shared. Their Burnt Caramel Cold Brew (Php 215) is available for a limited time only, and this one is steeped cold for 20 hours, extracting intense strong flavors that could give anyone the boost they want and need. Of course, their other well-loved beverages are also available such as Double Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Chip, Iced Double Chocolate, Double Chocolate Hot, and African Sunrise Tea Latte.

The Kitchen by CBTL
The Kitchen by CBTL

The Kitchen by CBTL undeniably has everything anyone could be looking for and ask for – from drinks to pastries to hearty plates! Know more about The Kitchen by CBTL and their luscious offerings by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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