KITCHEN HERO WINNERS DINNER: An Intimate Celebration of the Best Filipino Culinary Talent

The premise of food is generally pretty simple; it just has to taste good. Well, that was what I used to think before I got invited to a dinner event hosted by Solane, the leading LPG solutions brand in the Philippines, to celebrate the final stretch of their almost 4-month long search for the country’s next culinary star. Solane traveled across the country, stopping and hosting their event in 13 different regions, making this cooking competition the first of its kind here in the Philippines.

Photos by: Solane

The event wasn’t only a celebration for Solane’s Kitchen Hero competition, but it was also gathering to commemorate Filipino cuisine and Filipino culinary talent. I could genuinely feel the raw admiration the hosts had for the masterful display of culinary talent they had witnessed throughout the tournament. The way they talked about the beauty of the individual creativity of each chef that participated, to the enjoyment of having been able to experience different cuisines from the regions they visited was awe-inspiring. The way they explained how they not only acknowledge the taste of the dishes but also recognize the creative individuality of chefs.

Photos by: Solane

Choosing Victorino’s as the restaurant for the event was another way the team behind Kitchen Hero showed their approbation towards Filipino cuisine. The quaint restaurant specializes in authentic Ilocano dishes which was served in a buffet, a perfect feast to celebrate an event dedicated to Filipino culinary talent. I also presume that the theme was not the only reason why they picked Victorino’s, for their food was just simply sublime. Their take on a very specific type of Filipino cuisine was interesting enough to be attention-grabbing without steering away from the essence of the dish that makes them genuine Ilocano food.

Photos by: Solane

It was a unique event, being so intimate for such a grand competition. This to me was a huge success for both Solane and the team behind Kitchen Hero. The respect they gave to not only the individual chefs who joined the tournament, but to the culinary art itself was inspiring. The fact that Solane and their team physically travelled to the regions where they held the tournament qualifiers was a feat in of itself. I know their hard work and dedication will not go unnoticed, and this event will be looked upon as one the major triumphs of Filipino culinary history. It is only a matter of time before the next culinary genius is discovered and brings our culinary culture to new heights. Don’t be shocked when you see Filipino cuisine be the next big thing in the food world.

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