Kitchen 5B1: Conveniently so good for you!

Up for a sumptuous turn of events? Down for a tasty meal time on the table with your friends and family? Kitchen5B1 swears on providing sinfully good homecooked meals delivered straight to your home, so you won’t only have a comfy time with their dishes, but also enjoy in a convenient way of waiting for your choice of yummies to arrive.

With a brand new day comes a brand new empty tummy to fill and that is exactly what we had when today’s lunch time came — we had an empty tummy ready to dig into Kitchen5B1’s promise of well-prepped, delicious dishes. We had a hard time choosing really, but that is understandable as they actually have loads of choices for you. They have Meats, Pastas, and Rice Meals, so take your pick or maybe go for what we picked, too.

Our first choice is their Pares (Php 500) alongside Garlic Fried Rice (Php 100) for that ultimate pares experience we grew up with. This oh-so-saucy pick of ours is definitely a good one as we felt like we were out and about just like we were before new normal. A serving of their Pares is already good for 2 to 3 pax, so we sure had more than enough for us.

As we wanted more rice to reach for, we then went for their Baked Peri-Peri Chicken with Special Rice and Spicy Peri-Peri Sauce (Php 400). We could not help ourselves but share this among us, even though we wanted all of it to ourselves. There is a reason why this one is a crowd favorite and having this will surely give you the reason why!

Last, but definitely not the least is Kitchen5B1’s Baked Spaghetti (Full Tray 5 to 6 pax Php 1000 | Half Tray 3 pax Php 550) with Bone Marrow (Php 80 per piece). We truly loved how cheesy Baked Spaghetti was and how yummy the Bone Marrow were. Indeed, we were all carbed up as we finished up everything there was to finish and honestly, we would do it again!

Kitchen5B1 undeniably has a lot more to offer, but do take note that they cook on a scheduled basis, so do drop by their Facebook and Instagram pages to find out more. You can also contact them at 09175521116 or 09178930610 to delight in their promise of premium, quality taste!

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