Know what to get from Fiery Style without burning a hole in your pocket

If it is not obvious yet, food is such a huge part of our lives. Other than it is a necessity, our world almost revolves around food as it is both our job and our respite. Food has always been there for us when we are having a bad day, same goes when we are having a good day. Basically, food has always been present in or lives – and we are very much grateful for that!

Last year was tough on all of us, tougher for some even, and we can’t believe that our love for food can even grow more, but last year was the time we realized and we noticed how our adoration for food has grown so much more. We made and shared our very own recipes, tried a lot of new quarantreats from time to time, and even found a new kind of respect for classics.

With a deeper sense of relationship with food and our body, we also found ourselves loving our favorites even more such as Fiery Style. We have dined with them for more than thrice already and each time, we enjoyed every minute. Their Fil-Mex selection truly has claimed its place in our hearts, so we were so happy to have been able to have dined with them last year even though things were not really going great for anyone that time.

That being said, here are four wonderful selections from Fiery Style that surely made us feel our best:

1. Pocket-friendly Bowls

Not everyone has the budget to eat out, so Fiery Style releasing this line was a splendid way of providing the people their craving without burning a hole in their pockets. From this line, people could definitely go crazy as Fiery Style has eight delicious bowls up for grabs – Sisig Bowl, Wings Bowl, Sausage Bowl, Fsh Fillet Bowl, Tapsilog Bowl, Bacsilog Bowl, Steak(silog) Bowl, and Mixed Seafood Bowl.

2. Big Plates

There is no denying that we, Filipinos, almost always come from a big family. We even have big friend groups. As that is the case, we often enjoy our time with them through chitchatting while eating – and this Big Plates by Fiery Style is the perfect choice for that kind of down time. Chicky Chick, Porky Pork, Beefy Beef, Fiesta Fish, and Seafood – these are the Big Plates that ready to be snatched!

3. Naked Fajita

Other than Bowl and Big Plates, Fiery Style is also great with pica-pica. Their Naked Fajita is a tasty and filling choice as this one is actually of pitas or tortillas, salsa, veggies, egg, cheese, paprika, chopped cilantro, and of course, meat, which can be of pork, beef, or seafood. Indeed, this is a fun eat!

4. Mocktails and Cocktails

Of course, dining with Fiery Style won’t e complete without their funky and delectable drinks that are just so hard to beat. From their Mocktails line, their Lychee Aloha, Banana Strawberry, Choco Caliente, Hugs on the Beach, Virgin Mansana Mojito, and Hola Mexican Milktea are absolutely delightful; while from their Cocktails line, their Mansana Mojito, Vi Amora, Blue Beach Margarita, Rosas Senorita, Pina Colada, and Hugs on the Beach are extra fun too!

Fiery Style never failed to impress us indeed. Their food and drinks selection are always of quality, mouthwatering, and enjoyable, so happy and satisfied time with them is always a given. Catch more of Fiery Style and their latest offerings by checking out their Facebook Pages – Fiery Style and Fiery Style Southwestern Flaming Grill.

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