From Coffee to Cocktails: Konnichiwa x Konbanwa Gastropub is that crave-worthy hang out place

How is it that night time is usually the time to chill and have fun? Why not when the sun is still up, right? Well, that’s not really how it goes, but that’s the usual way things are and we know you have noticed that as well. There’s just something with night time that gets people to act and feel more free which is not at all a sin, because having a great time is not a crime!

And if having a great time from day to night is your agenda, then we got a transforming gastropub just for you! Meet KxK Gastropub also known as Konnichiwa x Konbanwa Gastropub. This gastropub is a Japanese restaurant serving special delicacies in the day and turns into a bar in the night with a promise of amusement and unforgettable memories – that is if you don’t drink beyond your capacity.

That being said, as we have visited this two-in-one Japanese gastropub just right in time for dinner, we got to dig into their delights that not only are of generous servings and delicious taste, but also superb satisfaction! Their rolls were such fun delectable munchies as each has a unique look and flavor – their Poke Roll (Php 350) being of cucumber, mango, kani stick, topped with chuka wakame; their Sacho Roll (Php 380) being made of kani stick, tuna, cream cheese, and 2 pieces ebi tempura; and their Konnichiwa Roll (Php 350) being made of asaparagus, mushroom, tamago, and topped with tender, flavorful beef got us full in no time.

From their rolls, we opted to dig into their bowl goodies such as their Yaki Udon (Php 300) which was certainly slurptastic, as well as their Katsu Curry (Php 330) which is a rice bowl topped with crispy katsu that would have you biting and munching like your life depended on it.

For an exta umph, we went for their Teriyaki Scallop (Php 490). This palatable dish is such a favorite of ours as we enjoyed its one-of-a-kind lusciousness that seem to have made us reaching for it, so better call dibs on this one when you get the chance, because you might have the trouble of sharing it. 

And of course, we did not want to leave and we sure won’t leave without trying out even a few of their drinks. Their trademark drink called Konnichiwa (Php 300) is a gin based bev mixed with ginger and calamansi, giving off the refreshing and easy-breezy feel in every delicious sip!

Meanwhile, for a more fruity twist, their Sangria sure got us hooked, especially as it has that distinct smokey flavor to it. We totally adored this raspberry mix, even though it was 7.5% alcohol – good thing we weren’t the DD for this night, ya’know?

KxK Gastropub really knows what they are doing and people should really get to experience them soon because it would be hard not to come back to them, especially as they are a gastropub away from the usual drinking strip in the metro. Plus, they even are open to events as they have a function room that people can rent as an airbnb as well.

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Address: 939 Banawe St, Quezon City, 1115 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0905 727 2766

Hours of Operation: Sunday to Thursday 11AM to 12AM; Friday to Saturday 11AM to 3AM

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