Krispy Kreme Quiz Bee: How Well do you Know your Chocolate?

Last January 19, 2018, Krispy Kreme introduced a number of new chocolate doughnuts in their lineup of doughnut flavors. They gathered some of their distinguished media partners to know more of these new products. The invitation specifically mentioned of a quiz bee, so even before coming to the event, I really tried to brush up on my chocolate knowledge. Thankfully, I did this because the whole afternoon was filled with games that encouraged a healthy competition among the bloggers and lifestyle writers, and all of them involved the star of the show: chocolate.

Chocolate truly is a staple food in every household and restaurant. From beverages, to desserts and even savory items, it is an ingredient that definitely enhances tastes boldly and distinctively in different varieties of food. I really got excited for the event because I have loved everything chocolate eversince I was a kid, and most especially on doughnuts. So I was truly confident I can bag some (if not all) of the winnings!

Upon arrival, we were immediately divided into five teams, and started giving our drink orders to get us pumped up for the games. After a few minutes of serving some of the their beverage favorites, without further ado, they let the games begin.

The first game was the Certified Chocoholics Q&A, and we were asked a number of everyday trivia about anything and everything chocolatey. Some were easy, and some were quite mind-boggling but it sure was a fun way to start the festivities! I must say, at this point in the series of competitions, we were already ahead of the pack, with all the others head to head.

The next game was called Remember Me which is essentially a memory game, but this was not at all hard because almost all of the guests were in it to win it. To make it more challenging, they changed it to a guessing game, and this was the plot twist we needed as it was a close race until this round became the clincher.

The third round was Choco Charades. We all know what charades is, but try acting out with a requirement to use the Original Chocolate Glazed doughnut as props along with it, this was definitely more laborious. Now everyone was getting a lot more competitive, but the scores were starting to show a clear winner. Of course, there were still a number of activities aligned, so no reason to celebrate early on.

The next game involved the Doughnut Tower setup right in front of us. Each team was asked to guess how many doughnuts were on both the doughnut and doughnut holes stack. This was fun, but very hard. Two lucky teams came so close to the numbers, that each of them got to take home the everything from each of the towers as their prize!

The last game was a game of chance using the very pretty Chocolate Doughnut Wall in front of us. Each of our teams had to have one of our representatives pick a doughnut and the number of bonus points or demerits will be shown. Luckily, fate was on my team’s side as well, as we got two more bonus points for it, and we got to eat the doughnut even.

At this point, it was time to announce the winners, and I was so happy as my team emerged victorious as true chocoholics, and we truly loved all three new products of Krispy Kreme PH! We each received a number of their lovely merchandise, plus they gave each of our team members a vouchers for a dozen of Original Glazed doughnuts.

As an added experience for their media partners, they gave us a tour in their doughnut factory for a more upclose and personal look of glazing the new Original Chocolate Glazed doughnuts. This was truly an exciting part, and definitely worth the wait.

Overall, it was such a fun day, and it was one of the most creative and best ways to get to know the new flavors of Krispy Kreme. Because of it, I have definitely memorized all three of them.

Check out the new chocolate series of Krispy Kreme including the Original Chocolate Glazed, Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles and the awesome Double Chocolate Cake doughnuts in your nearest KK branch today! Definitely, true to their curated hashtag, #EveryOneisanOriginal! Also, if you see that red Hot Light turned on at their store’s factory, guests can try out a freshly baked batch of the new Original Chocolate Glazed doughnuts fresh for free! It is on from 6:00 to 7:00 PM in selected stores, and everyone can enjoy the new doughnuts as KK PH transformed their glaze curtains of their doughnut machines into rich, velvety chocolate curtains since January 8, 2018.

Hurry and savor your #KrispyKremeMoment today!

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