Kuya Bert’s Pares House: The always reliable and comforting house

One thing is for sure: classic Filipino dishes will always be special to us, no matter how many times we have eaten it since we were kids. The flavorful, saucy, and sometimes seen-as-sinful ones are our go-to when we feel like we need a little push to go about our day. Seriously, nothing brings comfort like those dishes; and if you are wondering where you could get them, then let us bring you along as we indulge in the goodness Kuya Bert’s Pares House is all about. 

Kuya Bert’s Pares House 
Tersera Putok Batok

From their name, Kuya Bert’s Pares House, you can probably already tell that their signature dish is none other than Pares. Honestly, that’s what got us hooked with them. We absolutely love Pares—may it be from a restaurant, home cooked by yours truly, or even the kanto and kariton style. We have so much love for Pares and that’s why we just could not pass up on Kuya Bert’s Pares House’s very own Tersera Putok Batok (Php 239) which includes beef pares with bone marrow, garlic fried rice, beef soup, and chili garlic oil. 

Beef and Mushroom Gravy with Bone Marrow
Beef Sinigang with Bone Marrow
Beef Bulalo with Bone Marrow

Once we got a fill of that, we just could not resist the oh-so-scrumptious temptation that is the bone marrow, and so we also got a few of their dishes that also come with bone marrow. Kuya Bert’s Pares House’s Beef and Mushroom Gravy with Bone Marrow (Php 219), Beef Sinigang with Bone Marrow (Php 369), and Beef Bulalo with Bone Marrow (Php 359) were truly all iconic. These are three comforting Filipino dishes that were made even more drool-worthy than they already are! 

Beef Sisig Platter

Of course, if you are also all for a straightforward Filipino classic, then Kuya Bert’s Pares House’s Beef Sisig Platter and Tapsilog (Php 139) are present to make you happy. These two will make your day in no time, that’s for sure! 

Speaking of letting Kuya Bert’s Pares House make your day, their Goto Putok Batok is a wonderful bowl to start your day with. If a loaded breakfast is what you are looking for, then getting this will not disappoint you! 

Kuya Bert’s Pares House 

Don’t think that these sumptuous dishes are the only ones you could dig into at Kuya Bert’s Pares House because undeniably, you have a lot to choose from. Yes, their menu is packed—that’s what we are saying. Know more about Kuya Bert’s Pares House by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.

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