Bringing you Packed & Sealed Freshness: Laging Sariwa PH’s Homemade Gourmet Mussels is a delish in a jar!

Months have passed already. A lot of things have went down and a lot of things are yet to go down. Who would have thought we will be spending most of our 2020 inside our houses? It’s August already and everything seems to be going sideways aside from the fact that a lot of people are still getting by, especially in their kitchens. People have found their love for food, particularly cooking, and we can’t deny we found ourselves diving into cooking as well. It’s fun, therapeutic, and overall a delicious way to spend our time with our dear friends and family.

However, from time to time, we also do enjoy indulging ourselves and ordering in, which is apparent nowadays since eating out is not really a smart decision to make during this scary time. That being said, if you are on the hunt for some fresh goodies for you to delight in, we have found Laging Sariwa PH. They are a newly established virtual store that is based in metropolitan Avenue Makati, beside Jupiter St. They don’t only have fresh fruits and vegetables up for grabs, as their best homemade gourmet mussels are absolutely the bomb!

Made from 100% fresh tahong with no preservatives added, Laging Sariwa PH’s oh-so-scrumptious Homemade Gourmet Mussels are soaked in a jar filled and flavored with olive oil! For only Php 190 per 8oz a bottle, Laging Sariwa PH made a variance of yummy flavors to satisfy more than their clientele’s cravings as they have butter garlic, adobo, sweet & spicy, and of course, hot & spicy for people who really likes an adventure in their mouth! Enjoy it as it is or pair it rice – definitely your call!

In order to have your hands on this delectable treat in a jar, just drop a message on Laging Sariwa PH’s Facebook page and/or Instagram account as they could have your orders delivered right at your doorstep! Such a convenience, right?! Just do note that they have an order cut-off for their homemade gourmet mussels every Wednesday, so as to have them freshly made and delivered to you on a Saturday!

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