Lamesa Grill is deliciously up in our grill and we ain’t even complainin’

Ready for a drinking plus dining sesh like you are in a leveled up nipa hut in the backyard of your provincial home? Yo! We have just the perfect dining place for you. With wooden chairs and walls adorned with bamboo-like decors, Lamesa Grill will turn your fun times more fun!

Started at 2006, Lamesa Grill’s original concept which was on-the-table grilling was ahead of its time that the market was not even ready for it yet. However, with its owners passionate with sharing to the public their love for grilling, drinking, and basically, having a good time, that bump on the road did not stop them from pursuing what Lamesa Grill actually is now – a go-to dining place for people who are up for unforgettable moments paired with great-tasting dishes and delectable drinks! 

Begin with what the Philippines is rich for – marine life – by digging into their tasty Scallops in Garlic Butter (Php 260). This one is a real beaut to look at and yum to eat up. Each scallop is a succulent treat with the taste of aromatic garlic and melted butter just complimenting altogether.

Suddenly craving for more seafood? Hey! Do not hesitate and just go big with their Lamesa Combo (Php 695) that is a mix of seafood and other meaty options such as tahong, shrimp, squid, blue marlin belly, chicken leg or thigh, liempo, pork lengua, and pork bbq.

Pork Sisig (Php 215 | with egg +Php 10)

After getting a taste of what you think was everything, think again because Lamesa Grill has so much more to offer that is a fave pairing to your choice of drinks, like their Pork Sisig (Php 215 | with egg +Php 10). This one a plate of sizzling pork bits, chicharon, and onion, that sure would make you think of ordering another.

Pinatayong Manok (Php 495)

Another scrumptious dish that is just great for sharing is none other than their Pinatayong Manok (Php 495). This one is such a drool-worthy delicacy that you definitely would regret not trying it out and munching it all up.

From chicken, get your beefy fix here at Lamesa Grill by sinking your teeth into their Kare Kare Beef & Tripe (Php 360 | Oxtail Php 445 | Crispy Short Ribs Php 425) which has all the delectable elements of Kare-Kare, made even tastier with their bagoong.

And to really feel the warmth, go for their Bulalo Soup (Php 435) that is served piping hot in a pot with fresh greens and beef so tender it falls off. The soup itself is already yum – perfect to pour over your rice or take a sip of.

Guinumis (Php 95)
Pandan Macapuno Rumble (Php 85)

Finally, after having the time of your life with savories, jump onto some desserts and just satisfy your sugary desires with their Turon with Ice cream (Php 90) which is just a wonderful combo of hot and cold, their Guinumis (Php 95) which is filled with all the sweet sago fun, their Pandan Macapuno Rumble (Php 85) which is something we would come back as this one is really something heavenly, and their Halo Halo (Php 135) which is loaded with everything you like in your halo halo – from gulaman, to nata, to leche flan, among others!

Certainly, there is a lot to look forward to and try out here at Lamesa Grill and they are grilling more surprises for you to watch out for, because you never know, you might be the one grilling too!

Address: Pasay Mall of Asia Complex, J.W. Diokno Boulevard corner EDSA, Bay City, Pasay City, Pasay, Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 901 1995

Hours of Operation: Mall Hours

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