Landers Superstore – A Superstore in its own right!

One great thing about a Superstore is the fact that it houses several establishments or business ventures in one place. A typical consumer nowadays prefer to do his/her grocery shopping, dining and other errands all in one spot.  Because not only will it save her/him a lot of time in travelling from one place to another, it is also very convenient to have what you need with just a few steps away from you.

So what does Landers Superstore can offer the average consumer that no one else can? Let’s find out!

When you’re all done and exhausted with grocery shopping and literally starving, you can dine in at Landers Central. Their very own diner.


They have pizza, hotdogs (U.S. Beef Hotdogs by the way), chicken and fries, just like a regular diner would have.

I love their neat and classy packaging. The basic black and white theme is just so nice.


We highly recommend that you try their Bronx Pepperoni Pizza. For all the pepperoni loving people, you will surely enjoy this one.


On the lighter side they have Brooklyn Bomber Wheat Pizza which is my new favorite.  I love the fact that you’re enjoying a pizza while being healthy. It has Italian sausage which is very meaty and tasty. And I instantly fell in love with the pizza on a wheat, such a winner!


Good news as well for the chicken lovers, they have both the fried and the roasted chicken to choose from.

Aside from their in-house Diner, if you just want to go light, chill and enjoy a cup of coffee and some muffins, you may opt to try their Coffee Shop – Doppio.


There are cakes, muffins, cookies and several other pastries you can choose to pair with your cup of coffee. You may also opt to try their delicious ice creams if you’re in the mood for something cold, perfect for our very unpredictable weather.



But since I am a coffee addict, I couldn’t pass the chance of not trying their coffee. I tried both their cafe and mocha latte. Obviously, my sweet tooth has won over so I like the mocha better than their cafe latte.



Then we tried their Coffee Almond Fudge and Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Ice Cream variants. For the coffee enthusiast, naturally you will love the Coffee Almond Fudge. It has the sweet and salty taste mixed with the coffee based goodness.

The Sea Salt Caramel Truffle on the other hand, is a taste of caramel sweetness all throughout. If you want to pamper your sweet tooth, go big on this one.


Their lava cake is such a sweet treat.  With it’s soft and smooth feel on your mouth and the richness of flavor, you will definitely enjoy munching on this one.


I admit I love Peanut Butter, so when we tried their Peanut Butter Cookie I think it might have uncover the cookie monster in me. I completely devour it less than a minute.  The chewiness, the peanut butter based, topped with dark chocolates, it was like a taste of heaven in my mouth.


Now here’s a muffin that can never go wrong with your coffee. Lander’s Double Chocolate Muffin. It’s superb chocolatey taste topped with big chunks of chocolates at a very affordable price is such a delight.



Doppio’s pastries all came from their Dough and Co bakery. With Lander’s highly trained bakers creating and producing these yummy delights, I wouldn’t wonder why their offerings are such a hit.



Time for a break at all the food. Let’s take a look at another side of Landers.

For the man of your life, Landers offers him the Talas Manileno Barbershop. He may opt to try  this while waiting for you to finish your shopping. Their haircut comes with a free coffee too. So he gets to enjoy his new haircut while sipping his coffee. Sounds good right?



But before I wrap things up, I also want to highlight some other sections of the Superstore that I find very useful and interesting.

First of, they have these tons of vitamins, supplements and pills sections. I find it very useful because of the fact that I don’t have to drop by to another establishment (drugstore) to get these things and I can just include it every time on my grocery list.


They are even offering Buy 1 Take 1 on some items, so cool right?

Then, you won’t fail to notice that they have the widest range of wines, liquors and other alcohols. Again, it saves you up the time on dropping by at a wine store just to pick up a bottle.


Lastly, they have the Imported Meat section that houses not just the meat but also seafoods and such. If you’re taking culinary or wants to practice your culinary craft, just one stop at Landers and you’ve got everything that you need.

I must say, Landers is truly a one stop shop for that average consumer whose desperately wanting to enjoy grocery shopping while saving time. And it does live up to it’s rightful name.

Landers first Superstore: Landers Balintawak
Address: 1240 EDSA Balintawak, Apolonio Samson, Quezon City
Store Hours: 9AM – 9PM

Soon-to-open second  Superstore: Landers Otis 
Address: 1890 Paz Guazon St., Paco, Manila.


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