Las Cabanas Beach Resort is not only promising an exceptional stay, but also an exquisite dining experience

Being at home undeniably brings you comfort and familiarity, but being away from home gives you a different sense of a breather. There is no denying that the city is as stressful as it can be – you are always on a rush, it is as if everyone is just trying to do everything all at once, and no one has the luxury to stop and unwind.

And so, having the time to actually travel to El Nido is something we are already grateful for, but being able to stay at a gorgeous resort, that is more than what makes our hearts flutter even more.

Las Cabanas Beach Resort is truly majestic in its own way. Emphasizing on providing a peaceful, beautiful, and clean environment along with superior service and dining, Las Cabanas Beach Resort has not only made our hearts flutter, but has deliciously satisfied our tummies as well.

That being said, we got the chance to dine here twice and in both times we were happy and full. For our first dining experience with them, we got to have a few of their delicacies for lunch such as their Sinigang na Baboy which is oozing with flavor and has tender meat and generous serving of veggies, as well as their Shrimp Curry  which is a serving of fresh and succulent shrimps drenched in curry sauce that has just the right kick of spice!

We also got to be revitalized by some of their Fruit Shakes that are made with real fresh fruits such as their Mango Shake! Truly, a wonderful way to sip and enjoy more of our time as we delight in the scenic view of the beach in front of us.

Meanwhile, we were undeniably excited for dinner as we cannot deny how much we got to take pleasure on our first dining experience with Las Cabanas Beach Resort during lunch time. With that, we were served with more richness of the sea as we first dug into their Butterfly Shrimp which is a really good serving of salad.

Alongside with that is another seafood dish of theirs which is their Breaded Platter that is a plate of shrimp, fish, and squid all perfectly breaded and seasoned to taste. Aside from seafood delicacies, Las Cabanas Beach Resort also had us loving their Chicken Binacol which we could say is one of our favorite mains here.

And lastly, for a splash of sweetness and zing, we got to grab a glass of their Watermelon Shakes! This one is really the perf way to end our long, eventful day which we are also thankful for.

Truly, Las Cabanas has given us a great time! With great staff and great food, we could not deny how much we loved our stay with them as well as their delicious food offerings, so if you indeed want to be one with nature, book your stay or dine with Las Cabanas Beach Resort on your El Nido visit.

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