Learn Why Infini Kitchen Said Cooking is Love Made Visible

From Breakfast Plates, Dian Xin also known as Chinese Snacks, to Party Specials; Infini Kitchen has got you covered. No more ordering from different shops, because whatever you want to get your hands on, they most probably have it!

Ready to have you satisfied and content, dishes by Infini Kitchen will also leave you wanting to go for another serving. Their Longganisa (10 pieces Php 200) is part of their Breakfast Staple offerings and indeed, it will be a staple on your table not only during the morning, but also even in the middle of the day or at night.

Another Breakfast Staple that you could have is their Lamayo (Php 320) which is fresh daing na danggit all the way from Coron, Palawan. This will have you feeling like you are having a wonderful starter by the sea.

For more savory options, Inifini Kitchen also has Sushi Bakes up for grabs. These goodie trays are good for 4 to 5 people and they have two variants you could either choose from or both go for. They have the Surf & Turf Aburi (Php 990) and the Unagi Aburi (Php 880) which are both spectacular by the way. Both are oh-so-tasty and have generous toppings that are ready to cater to your huge mood for food.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering what their bestseller is, then you better check out their Dian Xin options — which are all homemade — because here you will find their Homemade Spicy Sichuan Wonton (10 pieces Php 300). These snack is heavy on the belly as it is packed with meat and its sauce is just really flavorful!

Other than these savories, Infini Kitchen has some desserts, too, and these desserts are mostly of Auro Chocolate; but if you want a refreshing yet sweet ender, their Lemon Olive Oil Cake (Php 1300) is just amazing! This one is different from the usual desserts, but it sure is something you will get hooked with.

That being said, Infini Kitchen is a local business open for orders as the owners really has a passion that started with cookies. As they have said, “Cooking is Love made Visible”, and they want the people to not only feel their love, but to be able to see and taste it, so if you want to experience all that, then head onto their Facebook and Instagram Pages now.

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