Leches Bakery: Taste the Leches Love, Share the Leches Love

Here’s to a love you won’t be able to resist! Leches Bakery is all about giving you a taste of heaven in a box – the kind that when you take a bite of, your eyes will automatically close and have you just savoring the moment, particularly the leches goodness of their creations. That’s what Leches Bakery is truly all about!

For you to be able to taste this love that Leches Bakery is so happy to share, they made two freshly baked goodies that would surely fill your sweet tooth – their Quatro Leches and their Pastel Leches. The Quatro Leches are sponge cakes soaked in four kinds of milk while the Pastel Leches are pillowy soft buns with custard filling of different flavors.

This time, though, what we got to taste are their Quatros Leches and this treat comes in three delectable flavors, namely Dulce, Ube, and Tiramisu. The Dulce Quatro Leches is topped off with their homemade whipped cream drizzled with dulce de leche, the Ube Quatro Leches is infused with ube flavor and topped with their ube whipped cream, and the Tiramisu Quatro Leches is infused with coffee and coffee liqueur topped off with their kahlua whipped cream and dusted with cocoa powder.

You can delight in these Quatro Leches in a Box of 3 that comes in one flavor – Dulce (php 420), Ube (Php 420), Tiramisu (Php 500) – or you can also enjoy all of them in an Assorted Box of 3 (Php 450). Truly, each bite in every flavor is just divine as they promise a heavenly experience of some sort!

Get a taste of heaven on earth today by having your choice of Leches Bakery goodie delivered to your home as they are accepting orders all over Metro Manila including nearby areas such as Alabang, Muntinlupa, and Paranaque. To know more about their delicious offerings, you can definitely check them out on their Facebook, Instagram, or even Website.

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