Let 67 Pit House Reveal your Caveman Self

We have shown you a lot of meat shops which could be the fix to your meat cravings. However, if we still haven’t convinced you with those, then 67 Pit House might finally be the one for you to go caveman and just go take a huge bite off of thick and heavy slices of delicious meat.

67 Pit House is located at Quezon City, so if you are near the area and have been wanting some luscious meat choices for a supper like no other, then you are definitely in luck! From chicken legs to sausages to ribs, 67 Pit House could give all those to you!

Their Smoked Hungarian Sausage (3 pieces Php 230) is the perfect dish to start your day with! Each piece is meaty and tasty with a bit of a kick in every bite as it is no doubt spiced well. Pair that one with another 67 Pit Stop product, the Smoked USDA Angus Beef Shortplate (250grams Php 400), if you want a more a filling plate. This one is of sumptuous beef belly so you are going to get a wonderful cut of lean meat with a bit of delectable fat.

And of course, we know you won’t be able to deny yourself with more beefy goodness, so go on and snatch up some of 67 Pit House’s Smoked Dino Beef Ribs (full rack Php 1600). This meat choice will not fail you, we are telling you. It’s an exquisite slab of meat that would make your meal time an absolute feast.

What did we tell you? We told you 67 Pit House will give you a memorable dining experience like no other and here we are proving that — and we know we have proved that. Grab more of 67 Pit House’s scrumptious meat products which you could know more about by visiting their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

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