Let Abaca Baking Co. Make Your Day!

We are going to let you in on a secret. There is a gorgeous resort in Mactan, Cebu that we are waiting for ever since they went on a hiatus. Abaca Resort Mactan is an award-winning boutique resort and we are waiting for them as they turn a new leaf. Other than their resort, Abaca Group is actually a fast growing boutique hospitality group that is featuring homegrown concepts — one of which is their Abaca Baking Co. which fortunately, we got to try and delight in. 

Abaca Baking Co. is their from scratch bakery and cafe concept. This means their breads are handcrafted and slow rose not only with their very own starters as well as unbleached flour, but also, of course, with so much love! 

With the promise to feature the finest all butter croissant alongside baked goods and pastries, Abaca Baking Co. is also putting the spotlight on their all-day breakfast spread and comfort classics that are just all easy to love. Other than those, they also are ready to revitalize you with the finest coffees they could provide, together with soothing teas, fresh juices, and even smoothies. Truly, Abaca Baking Co. is here to not only satisfy your cravings, but to also quench your thirst. 

To start satisfying your cravings, you better get your hands on a few of their all-day breakfast dishes. Their American Omelette, Corned Beef Hash, and Skillet Breakfast are just a few wonderful options that will make your day first thing in the morning. 

Follow those with their Luncheonette Burger that is actually served with fries on the side, together with pickles and catsup for that delectable sweet and sour flavor notes. Indeed, this one’s a crowd favorite as it is a complete meal already. 

Another Abaca Baking Co. dish that is of bread and yet will have you full and happy is none other than their Herb Roasted Chicken Sandwich. This dish is such a luscious food option that you would not want to miss out on. 

More onto having complete meals, Abaca Baking Co. also has mains that you should not say no to. Their Asian Spiced Pork Belly as well as Chicken Chicken Winner are guaranteed delicious in every mouthful. These two can already be considered as a feast already, but if you want more, then we suggest you go for their pastas, particularly their Mac and Cheese which is just a cheese haven you will not get tired of having. 

As we have mentioned, Abaca Baking Co. is not only here to satisfy you, but also they are here to quench your thirst too, so pairing your choice of food with a beverage or two is absolutely encouraged. Their ABC coffee which is Triple Ristretto Latte, Café’ Latte, and Salted Caramel Frozen Drink are splendid wake-uppers that will have you buzzing with energy even with just a sip! 

Abaca Baking Co. is indeed a must-visit whenever you are in Mactan, Cebu. You will no doubt end up with a round full belly and a genuine smile since their servings are actually good for two already. Know more About Abaca Baking Co. by checking them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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