Let Coro Hotel’s Mezzo Food Hall greet you with more than just a good morning!

Waking up in the morning and heading straight to the restaurant for breakfast is a thing we love doing when we are staying in a hotel. We just love starting our day right and eating a hearty meal first thing in the morning is a great way for us to set the tone for a new day. Obviously, food plays a big part in our mood as we are not really that much fun to be around when we are hangry (that’s hungry + angry). That said, Coro Hotel really wowed us with their food selection, especially for breakfast.

Coro Hotel’s Mezzo Food Hall

We are lovers of breakfast buffets, there is no doubt about that. However, Coro Hotel doesn’t really do breakfast buffets and instead offers a plated breakfast option for their guests which, spoiler alert, exceeded our expectations! Seriously, their plated breakfast had our taste buds pampered and our bellies full. They surely know how to give their guests a wonderful start to their day because that’s what we got from them.


Coro Hotel hosts their breakfast in one of their in-house restaurants, the Mezzo Food Hall which is located in the Mezzanine level. With a clean and sleek design, Mezzo Food Hall had us sitting comfortably and enjoying our meals even more as we planned our day ahead. Offering Filipino, American, Continental, and Healthy breakfast options, Mezzo Food Hall is definitely ready to satisfy more than just your cravings.


Anyway, as we are rice-for-breakfast people, we opted for their Filipino breakfast options since they actually have three of those on their menu. Their Filipino Breakfast 1 (Php 550) is great for when you want to jumpstart your day with a fresh and smokey twist. Loaded with marinated bangus, longganisa, plain or garlic rice, ensalada, and sunny side up or scrambled eggs, this plate will certainly live up to what you are drooling for!

If you want another tasty Filipino breakfast option, but it is made heavy with meat, then their Filipino Breakfast 2 (Php 600) is your best bet! Being a plateful of beef tapa, lechon bagnet, eggplant ensalada, sunny side up or scrambled eggs, and plain or garlic rice, Mezzo Food Hall really is not kidding around when they came up with this option. Plus, if you enjoy some texture on your food, then the crunchiness of the lechon bagnet will truly be a delightful experience for you, as it has been for us!

Filipino Breakfast 3

Last, but definitely not the least, is their Filipino Breakfast 3 (Php 500), which if you ask us, is the perfect play between sweet and salty. Packed with tocino, danggit fish, plain or garlic rice, atsara or ensalada, and sunny side up or scrambled eggs, you better be ready to have a flavorful feast first thing in the morning. Indeed, this one is a classic Filipino breakfast, and we all know how classics are hard to beat, right?


Mezzo Food Hall of Coro Hotel undeniably has brought their A-game when it comes to their food too because their breakfast are such showstoppers already! On top of that, each Filipino breakfast plate also comes with fresh fruits so you surely will be ending your breakfast on a refreshing and sweet note regardless of your choice. You can also pair your meal with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or fruit juices so having little to none options will honestly not be a problem here.

Coro Hotel’s Mezzo Food Hall

Eat with them, stay with them, and just give yourself the break you so rightfully deserve! Know more about Coro Hotel and Mezzo Food Hall by checking their Facebook, Instagram, and Website

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