Let’s share and spread the love through Meringue Kisses.

When you think of Meringue, you will instantly think of it as a dessert or a topping for pies.  But what we don’t normally do is take it as a light snack or match it with a hot coffee.  This is what I realized when I received the package of Meringue Kisses.

I am such a  dessert person so when I first saw these tiny and amazing treats, I obviously want to eat them all right away.


Looking at the packaging and contents from the outside you’ll find these little thingies to be of vibrant and exciting colors.  Just from the looks of it, you’ll be tempted to pop it right away into your mouth.


But since I was such a coffee fanatic, I initially tried their coffee flavor and right on the spot, I so love it.  The taste of good coffee mixed with sweetness is so delightfully wonderful.

Next, I tried is the strawberry.  I must say it was full of strawberry goodness from top to bottom.  You will literally feel like you are munching the real fruit.

Lastly, I tried the most colorful one, which is the chocolate.  I was actually expecting a black or dark looking kind of meringue.  I was quite surprised that they were able to main the chocolatey taste while having the different mix of colors on the meringue.

When I finish trying all  three of them, I put them aside for a while.  After a few hours, I couldn’t help myself in eating it again as it stares right at me from our coffee table.


This time, I paired it my favorite coffee and I immediately love it.  They’re like a perfect combination and a perfect snack for my afternoon.

In my opinion, you may also use these bite sized delights as a party favor or give away or even as one of your offering during any celebrations or parties.  They’re perfect as a dessert and even more perfect for the little ones and for those who has a sweet tooth like mine.

If you want to try these amazing treats, you may reach the makers from the links below.



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