Let’s tako ‘bout Izakaya Kenta: A Quaint Japanese Joint in the Heart of Banawe

Control your tempura! Let us shoyu a Japanese restaurant udon want to miss. Izakaya Kenta is a cozy Japanese restaurant that aims diners to have an authentic Japanese dining experience. Their menu is loaded with a wide selection of sushi, sashimi, tempura, maki, yakimono, ramen, and even bento. You’ll go crazy choosing and deciding which to order at a glance of their menu.


First on our authentic Japanese dining experience is Izakaya Kenta’s Tako Potato. It’s like takoyaki with a twist as its golden, crispy outer layer is actually mashed potato that cocoons a generous amount of tender squid in its soft inside.


Their Beef Yakiniku Set which is sautéed sliced beef and bean sprouts is served on a tray with plain rice, nimono kobatchi, oshinko, fresh salad, dessert, and soup. The beef itself was tender and coated with smoky steak sauce partnered with crunchy bean sprouts that adds a little texture on the side.


Another more filling dish is their California Bento , served with five pieces of California maki, one piece friend chicken, a portion of potato salad, and two pieces of sweet and soft tamago. Their California maki is definitely one to try as the cucumber in it was fresh and the mango gives just the right taste of sweetness that blends really well with the flavor of the maki itself.


Now, onto their ramens. First on our list is Tonkotsu Ramen which is pork broth with sliced pork, egg, crispy chicharo, mema, fresh Taiwan pechay benishoga, and sesame seed. This one is surely packed with flavor as the noodles were cooked just right and the meat was really soft.


The next ramen on our list is Geki Kara Ramen  which is miso base with spicy sauce, pork and mix vegetables. This one packs some kind of a punch as it has just the right spice in it, which adds more flavor and flare to the vegetables, the pork, and of course, the noodles.


More onto spicy dishes, their Spicy Tuna Maki  is made with fresh tuna, together with spicy sauce. The texture of the sticky rice, topped with crispy flakes on top, fresh tuna, and spicy sauce is definitely an adventure in your mouth that you don’t want to miss out!


To totally make our tummies happy and full, the Ebi Fry Curry Rice  is another one to try. It’s served with a plate of rice and deep-fried, crispy prawns with curry sauce. The plump and fresh prawns were hugged by crispy breading which comes with curry sauce that makes the whole dish packed with more flavor and excitement.

Izakaya Kenta is perfect for either groups or individuals as the place can hold around thirty people. It also gives an intimate vibe that will surely make you closer to your loved ones as the ambiance promotes happy conversation and must-have relaxation. Their service is also quick so you won’t have a problem getting your chopsticks in a twist!

You’ll absolutely go “Oishii” or even “Okawari” at Izakaya Kenta so don’t hesitate to drop by at Unit-C 86 Maria Clara Street, Banawe, Quezon City.

Follow them on their social media pages below.

Facebook: Izakaya Kenta Banawe
Instagram: Izakaya Kenta

Featured Branch: Banawe, Quezon City

Address: 86 Maria Clara St, Banawe, Quezon City

Contact Number: (02) 241 8150

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 11AM to 2AM

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