Level up your extra rice gaming with Bibingkinitan’s awesome Bibingka variants!

“With no rice, there is no life”, that is a line Filipinos would possibly happily agree on – may it be a great pair for a savory viand, a lovely filling breakfast to start the day with, and of course, a trusty satisfying snack to munch on such as rice cakes, also known as bibingka, which is a famous Filipino delicacy.

As mentioned, Bibingka are Filipino rice cakes, but what is more to it that makes mouths water, right? Well, Bibingka are baked in banana leaves, topped with salted duck egg that is a crowd favorite and a variance of delectable cheeses. With Bibingka being a Filipino favorite, it surely has been a part of not only tradition, but also of heritage and of history.

But wait, as Bibingka has had people drooling over it even just by the sight of it, you might be thinking where you can get yourself a fill of it that definitely is a delicious win. Well, lucky for you because Bibingkinitan, with over 200 stores in the whole Philippines, making it the largest and leading Filipino baked-goods and coffee chain that is much-loved by Filipinos and other nationalities alike, from all walks of life, got some tasty variants of bibingka for you, for your friends, and for your whole fambam!

Traditionally a 10-inch wide rice cake, FoodAsia innovated the rice cake through Bibingkinitan back in 2006 which took Manila by storm with their smaller and bite-sized, hip and cool, and of course, budget-friendly bibingka variants – garnering much awards and recognition for Bibingkinitan.

And so, walk your way or rather eat your way to their different Bibingka variants offering. Start with some of their simple yet absolutely tasty ones such as their Original Bibingka and B-Classic Bibingka that surely has what the Filipinos are looking for.

More of what the Filipino palate demands and the Bibingkinitan delectably delivers, their Overload Bibingka and their CheeseMax Bibingka are two of the variants that will make you reach for more and more until you get your cravings satisfied or crave for more because of its lip-smacking goodness.

Talking about lip-smacking goodness, there actually is more to Bibingkinitan just like their variants, the Barako Brew Bibingkinitan which will totally be loved by lovers of the aromatic drink, coffee, and the Choco Brew Bibingkinitan which is just a piece of heaven here in this big blue marble we are living in.

And of course, with rice cakes this great-tasting, you will probably want something refreshing to pair it with that would also quench your thirst such as their Calamansi Island Squeeze and their Dalandan Island Squeeze that are both fruity drinks that have a zinging blend of citrus and sweet taste.

Undeniably, all of this is a proof how and why people are raving for Bibingkinitan! They even got recognized and awarded in the local food industry as one of the most innovative companies as they regularly introduce new products such as of course, their rice cakes, along with their variety of meat fillings, rice doughnuts, and even drinks that are of great pair such as coffee and hot chocolate, so grab yourself this quick, easy, sumptuous fix soon… like now!

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