Level Up your Noods: Pringles teamed up with Super Cup to give you Iconic Chip-Flavored Instant Noodles

College is like a cycle of procrastination, cramming, and blaming how effed up the education system is. Throw in deadlines to beat, loads of reviewers and readings to read, piles of researches to conduct… Man, your right to take a nap has not only been taken away from you, but has been trampled on as well. Pulling off an all-nighter is the only way to go and having an all-nighter means food food food~

But then again, with a huge college debt already on your shoulders, do you even have the budget to splurge on food? No, so what is the go-to pocket-friendly nomnom that would keep your tummy from gurgling? Your trusty old pals: instant freaking noodles and chips.

Pringles 3
Photo By: Joyscribe.com

With that fun memory to look back on, instant noodles and chips have that nostalgic feel that always pull strings in our hearts, so Pringles deciding to marry those two in celebration for their 50th anniversary by partnering up with the Japanese noodle company Super Cup is definitely something to look forward to!

Photo by GaijinPot Blog

Pringles, the iconic chip brand, together with Super Cup, launched all-new packs of instant noodles by releasing two special instant noodle cups flared with flavors found in some of the most famed Pringles variants – particularly the Sour Cream, which is one of our faves, and Onion Yakisoba, highlighting stir-fry noodles with a seasoning which is a mishmash of spices such as onion, garlic, and more sour cream flavors.

While for the more traditional chicken noodle soup, it has been jazzed up with a Jalapeno and Onion twist, garnished with splashes of potato and onion.

Plus, leveling up things even more, these two awesome brands have joined forces to make two limited edition chip flavors with Super Cup’s squid and chicken offerings being the inspiration.

Although, as much as how mouth-watering and drool-worthy this collaboration is, the items are available only in selected supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan, so be sure to get a hold of your bud in Japan to ship you even just a few or fly yourself to The Land of the Rising Sun to try it out!

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