Ligaya Altanghap: Eat happiness all day, each and every day


Being just a stall in Open Kitchen Sheridan, Ligaya Altanghap actually has a wide array of food choices that is of Filipino traditional dishes and comfort food. They also have won lots of hearts over their food as many continue to be fans of their selection even though they are still young, starting just a few months back this 2018.


Promising affordable, delicious, quality eats, Ligaya Altanghap continues to aim in bringing joy on a plate may it be during breakfast time, lunch time, or dinner time.


With that, we tried out some of their soon-to-be-released dishes as we had a late night drive in search of excellent Filipino classics and comfort food that would put a smile on our faces as another tiring day is soon to end.


Starting with Ligaya Altanghap’s Tokwa’t Baboy, reminisce good times and good talks with your friends over a drinking sesh with a plate of this one.


If you are feeling a bit worn down, no worries because they have a bowl of pick-me-up. Their Lugaw with Tokwa will give you that boost in life you undeniably need.

Now who says you can only have silogs for breakfast, right? Ligaya Altanghap gives you the perk that is to eat breakfast food at any time of the day.


Let us start with Ligaya Altanghap’s Bangsilog. With two pieces of bangus, egg, a hefty serving of fried rice underneath, and a side of atchara, this is really something you will want to eat any time.


Following that is the Tawsilog for when you just can’t have enough of tasty fish. Served with fried rice, and topped with tomatoes, onion, egg, and of course, tawilis, this dish will either leave you full or wanting for more – or maybe even both, full yet wanting for more.


Next silog variant we got to try is their Porksilog that is perfect for our pork lover friends. With some flavorful sauce, egg, fried rice, and atchara, this Porksilog is not only delicious, but satisfying as well.

Just can’t get enough of rice? It’s fine, we don’t judge a fellow rice lover like us. In fact, we don’t judge at all, because with Ligaya Altanghap, you will surely be ordering more than you actually thought you would order.



This Chicken BBQ is an order of sliced chicken meat, fried rice with tomatoes, and a dip that would enhance the savor of the chicken itself even more.


Of course, their Beef Pares won’t be set aside for this one because its blend of sweetness and savory is just something heavenly, especially it is served with rice topped with garlic bits, and a mini bowl of their famed Beef Pares.


Another scrumptious dish from Ligaya Altanghap is the Tuna Belly. Comes with a thick slab of tuna meat, a huge serving of fried rice, and a dip, this Tuna Belly is just all yummy.

If you are here to check out some of Ligaya Altanghap’s classics, then you are in luck, because we have three more delectable dishes we will be sharing with you.


The first classic being the sinful Crispy Pata – this one is positively a generous serving of crispy and tender pork meat that is just all in all a whole tasty plate!


After that drool-worth Crispy Pata is the Kaldereta that is served in a bowl with rice underneath, carrots, beef , and thick, rich sauce that would give you a punch of spice in every spoonful.


Lastly is Ligaya Altanghap’s Papaitan. Having an Ilocano grandmother, I just can’t deny how much I love Papaitan and having a bowl of this specially made for us is such a blissful moment, with a dash of spice that is very much palatable.


With an early morning just waiting for us, we surely had a hard time not standing up from our seats because of Ligaya Altanghap; and so if you are planning a party, Ligaya Altanghap is more than happy to cater your next event.

Everything from birthday, catch-me-ups, reunions, office parties, to corporate events, Ligaya Altanghap got you covered as they are offering menus for all types of occasions that can be customized to suit your liking. Plus, as you are to have your next party with Liagaya Altanghap, let them focus on the food so you can just focus on enjoying.

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